Bear Bulletin

Maire Newsletter February 4th edition

Dear Maire Families,

It is rare to have a Snow Day in GP, let alone two! We hope you enjoyed the extra time with your child(ren). As much as our staff loves to come to work every day, we are also kids at heart. Having two unexpected days off of work was just as exciting for our staff as well. It was nice to get students back in the building today. Of course the kids were most excited about the mounds of snow to play with during recess.

Report cards are available on the Parent Portal if you haven’t checked them out yet. The partnership between parents and teachers is essential to ensure each student is supported socially, emotionally, and academically. If you have any questions or concerns about your child, be sure to reach out to their teacher to continue that collaborative approach.


Ryan Francis

proud Principal of Maire

Important Maire dates to remember

2/9 Community Diversity Meeting @ Richard 6pm

2/9 Maire PTO Meeting 7pm

2/18 Mid Winter Break begins at 3:38

2/21-2/25 Mid Winter Break

2/28 School resumes at 9:05 am

Food Available for Mid Winter Break

We are again working with Chartwells to offer access to free meals over break. Here is a link to the mid-winter break food order form. Packages will include 7 breakfasts and 7 lunches per person. Please complete the form by the end of the day on Tuesday, February 8. Only one form needs to be submitted per family.

Meals will be ready for pick up at North High School, 707 Vernier, Grosse Pointe Woods, on Friday, February 18, from 4-6 p.m.

Leader in Me - Seek First to Understand, then to be Understood

Listening provides the platform to understand what other people want rather than focusing only on what we want.

Some great examples of Habit 5 are:

  • listening to other people's ideas and feelings
  • trying to see things from their viewpoints
  • listening to others without interrupting.

Character Word of the Month - Empathy

In the month of February, we will be focusing on empathy: the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

Here is a great resource for home. Empathy Newsletter


Over the past few Bear Bulletins we've put information about pick up/drop off in order to create a safe experience for all. We have also shared this video which highlights almost all of the important information.

Based on the past few weeks, here are some of the issues we'd still like to focus on:

1) Parents should not get out of their cars in the pick up/drop off lane. If your child is not capable of getting in or out on their own, please park in the lot so you can assist them.

2) Make sure you are in the Green Zone AND you continue to pull up even around the turn to maximize how many can pick up/drop off at one time.

3) We will continue to stress crossing at the cross walk from the parking lot. Luckily no one has been hurt so far, but if everyone crosses in the designated area we can keep it that way.

Covid vaccination record upload

Parents and guardians can upload their student's COVID vaccine card using the MiStar Parent Portal by following the directions linked here. According to quarantine guidelines from the Wayne County Health Department, any student who is fully vaccinated will not be required to quarantine if they are identified as a close contact to a COVID positive individual. Uploading your student’s vaccine card will help the district quickly identify those students who will not be required to quarantine. Thank you for doing this once the shots are complete!

Don't forget to order your Maire yearbook!

Have you ordered your child's yearbook yet? A common question we get is "Aren't they included with the photo package that I ordered in the fall?" The answer is no, yearbooks are a separate purchase done later in the year.

Yearbook order info can be found here: Maire yearbook

We are working hard to make the Maire yearbook bigger and better! This year we have a custom front and back cover, designed by Maire 4th graders!

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