Cal Poly State University

by Rodolfo Lopez Moreno

About Cal Poly

California Polytechnic State University is a prestigious four-year school located in San Luis Obispo which is halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Cal Poly offers their students a hands-on experience in order to prepare them for a competitive world.

San Luis Obispo

San Luis Obispo is a small city located on the coast of California, and has a population of around 45,000. Since it is close to the coast of California, there is many beaches close to the university and activities like surfing, biking, and even hiking. The weather is mild and is average.

Application and Requirements

Cal Poly has a normal deadline for the application, but you must take an early decision if you are accepted and want to go to Cal Poly. Applicants should include everything needed and no other work unless notified by the university. There is no specific requirements, but the lowest GPA there is 2.5, and the average SAT scores are between the 500's and the 600's. Out of all the applicants, about 35% of them are accepted


On-campus living is very popular among first-year students, and out of the undergraduates, 35% of them live on-campus. Also, the campus is surrounded with lots of activities that they can do in San Luis Obispo, plus over 400 student-run organizations, sororities, and Cal Poly's sports teams.


Cal Poly offers majors in science, engineering, agriculture-related, a couple of studies. The average class size ranges from 20-29, and has a student-faculty ratio of 19:1.


It is estimated that you will spend about five thousand dollars on tuition and fees every academic year. If you were to include housing and your other life expenses, it would come out to eight thousand dollars in total. There is also different private scholarships associated to Cal Poly to choose from.

Fun Facts

  • Their mascot is "Musty the Mustang"
  • Have weird traditions, like throwing tortillas onto the field after winning against their rivals.

Contact Cal Poly

You can contact Cal Poly at...

My Decision

Cal Poly is basically the best overall college for me. It is close to home, not too expensive, and a great place to learn at. Cal Poly is definitely a university I see myself going to, and is now one of my first choices when it comes to universities.