Frequently Asked Questions

For Chisholm - July 30, 2020

It was noted in the document that was sent out last week that changes would be made to this document and our process as they become evident. Changes from the information that was sent last week are now included in this document are in bold. Wishing you well!

FAQs - As of July 30, 2020

Chisholm Elementary – FAQ’s for 20-21

As of July 30, 2020

Changes are in Bold

What time will school start next year?

Chisholm will continue to be considered an Edmond Public Schools “Early Start School”. However, the start time has changed. Chisholm will start at 8:50am. Drop off time will begin at 8:20am. We will begin dismissal at 3:25pm.

Since we will not be having Information Day, how will we prove residency?

The utility bill check will be done via Google Forms. Families did receive an email with instructions on July 13th and have until July 31st to submit a July or August utility bill.

How will we find out who our child’s teacher will be for 20-21, and can we meet them before school starts?

On August 18th, families will receive an email that will include a welcome video from their teacher.

On August 19th, there will be an opportunity for students to meet their teacher either virtually, which is recommended, or in person by appointment only. The appointments will be made through the Google Forms when families submit their utility bill. This will allow for a limited number of people in the building at any given time. Due to sanitation purposes, families will not be going to the classrooms. The teachers will be in various locations throughout the building, such as the gym, cafeteria, hallways, etc.

What should we expect on the first day of school?

The district has announced that only students & staff will be allowed to enter EPS school buildings at this time. Therefore, the first day of school will look different. Family good-byes will need to be done in the car prior to drop off. Students will then enter the building and go straight to their classroom. There will be teachers and staff located all over the building to help students get to where they need to go.

May I come to have lunch with my student or help out in the classroom?

Unfortunately, we are not going to be able to have any guests in the building at this time. In addition, lunch may not be brought in from an outside vendor. PALS (parent helpers) will be able to assist in the workroom only and by appointment only.

What do I do if I need to check my student out from school?

There will be a Safe School ID set up in the vestibule. You will check-out your student without entering the office. There will be a camera system in which you will be able to communicate with the office staff in order for them to call for your student. The office doors will remain locked and controlled by a buzz-in system. If your needs require you to enter the office, you will need to sign in utilizing the School Safe Check-in System and have your temperature checked upon being buzzed in. Masks will be required.

Are students still going to gather on the playgrounds in the mornings?

Students will begin arriving at 8:20am and will go directly to their classrooms. If students are eating breakfast, they will go directly to the cafeteria.

Will Pre-K students have the same procedures for morning arrival and dismissal?

Arrival - Pre-K students will unload from their vehicle in the car rider line. Parents must stay in their vehicles. There will be teachers & TA’s in this area to gather a few students (9 or 10 per class) on the benches before heading to the classroom. At or around 8:50, the teachers or TAs will take the remaining students back to the classroom to begin the school day.

Dismissal - Pre K student will be dismissed from 2:55 to 3:05 from the bus loop area. Parents will stay in their car using the Car Rider Plus system discussed below. Parents of students with older siblings will need to park in the north end of the west parking lot. Once older siblings have been dismissed at 3:25, those students will be walked out to load into their car.

Will Chisholm continue to have Charge Up?

Yes, but in a very different way! Charge Up will be conducted virtually and accessed in the classroom. We will not have our traditional Charge Up in the media center or cafeteria.

How will the dismissal process change?

Students will stay in their classrooms during dismissal. The hallways will be lined with teachers and staff to help monitor behavior and to make sure students get to where they need to go for dismissal. At 3:25pm, walkers will be dismissed from their classroom.

Walker Dismissal: ONLY students whose address is in Spring Hill, Cheyenne Ridge, Thornbrooke, and Old Farm will be allowed to dismiss as a walker. Students will go to a designated area and then be supervised to the drop off site.

Bus/Daycare Dismissal: Buses and daycares will be announced over the intercom when they arrive and those students will be released from their classrooms. Bus riders will need masks on for loading.

Corral Dismissal: Corral students will be dismissed to the cafeteria at 3:45pm.

You didn’t mention car riders. Will their process be changing?

Yes! Car riders will be dismissed from the classroom, as well. We will be purchasing an electronic dismissal system that will allow for the teacher on duty to enter your student’s number. Their name, picture, and number will pop up on a screen in their classroom. When they see their picture, they will know it is time to walk to the end of the long hall by first grade to be ready to load their vehicle. More detailed information about Car Rider Plus will be coming out soon. Every family at Chisholm will need a numbered tag and those tags will be distributed before school starts.

Have you created any safety precautions for the Chisholm cafeteria?

While in the cafeteria, students will be sitting in every other seat facing one direction for both breakfast and lunch. In order to most efficiently do hand washing and social distancing, lunch will now be a separate time than recess. There will only be three choices – one hot, a sandwich, or a salad. Students will be carrying their own lunch boxes instead of utilizing class baskets. Of course, hands will be washed and/or sanitized before and after lunch. Classroom & cafeteria tables will be cleaned before and after a student eats.

What are the plans for social distancing at recess?

The playground will be divided into sections and each class will be assigned a section on a rotational basis. The sections will be the soccer field/blacktop and two sections on the playground equipment. Indoor recess will be held in the classrooms and the classroom parameters will be followed.

The hallways can sometimes be busy and full of classes. What will be the plan for that?

The teachers will teach and monitor that students will always be unable to touch the person in front of them when arms are extended. Students will walk on the right side of the hallway. While taking class restroom breaks, students will utilize dots on the wall to know where to stand while waiting.

What are the safety precautions to set up water fountains?

All water fountains will be unplugged. There will be seven new Water Bottle Filling Stations installed at various locations throughout the building. Students must bring their own water bottles from home, and they must be well labeled.

Will there be Specials/Library/GATE/Spec Ed Services?

Absolutely! The lessons and activities in these classes will be ‘no touch’ activities. Each student will sanitize their hands as they go in and out of these classrooms/areas. The teachers will be sanitizing equipment between classes and social distancing will be followed in seating arrangements. Personal supplies may be brought from the general ed classroom, or teachers will sanitize supplies between each group served. For services with small rooms, teachers will utilize open classrooms to accommodate for larger groups of students.

What are the plans for social distancing in the classroom setting?

Teachers will be creative in their seating arrangements. Students will be assigned to a spot for a certain amount of time (AM/PM, Daily, Weekly). They will spread out utilizing tables, desks, floor w/ clipboard, alternate seating, etc. All areas will be sanitized before switching student seating. Classrooms with desks will be arranged in ‘testing-style’, separated and in rows/columns.

What about the ‘things’ that students touch throughout the day?

All instructional manipulatives, iPads, and Chromebooks will be sanitized after each use. Students will wash their hands before and after each use. Only one group of 5 or less students may utilize any given set of manipulatives per day and students will be assigned to and use the same iPad/Chromebook every time.

How are general school supplies going to be used?

Each child will need to have their own set of supplies. Community access or sharing will not be allowed. Families will need to provide pouches or school boxes for their child. This will be in addition to the already published School Supply List. Your child’s teacher will be letting you know their preference for their classroom set up.

If my child is going to be in 4th or 5th grade, they will be on a team. Will they be rotating between classrooms?

For now, those teachers will be rotating and the students will stay in their homeroom classroom.

Will there be rules for classroom snacks?

Yes. Students must bring their own snacks daily. There will be no classroom snack or Snack Bags. All snacks must be pre-packaged or individually bagged. Birthday treats may not be brought in this year.

How often will my child wash their hands with soap and water and how often will they be using hand sanitizer?

Students will be able to wash their hands with soap and water:

· Before lunch

· After recess

· Before/after snack

· Anytime a student returns to the classroom from GATE, Speech, Spec Ed., etc.

When sinks and soap are not available or efficient, hand sanitizer will be used:

· Getting off the bus

· Leaving the cafeteria

· Before/After Specials

Will tables and chairs be kept clean throughout the day?

Yes! All classrooms will be provided with cleaning supplies so that teachers may sanitize several times each day. Any additional anti-bacterial wipes, hand sanitizer, or Lysol spray that families can provide will be greatly appreciated!

So, what happens if there are cases of Covid-19 and my student has to go from “Brick to Click”?

Every student will be provided with a “Go Bag”. It is a drawstring bag and will be color-coded by grade level. There will be supplies kept in each bag. If students must go to “Click”, their iPad or Chromebook will be sanitized and placed in the Go Bag then sent home with the student. They will then have most of what they need to learn virtually from home.

What’s the plan for distributing the Bag Tags to ALL Chisholm Families? Would we be able to drop off school supplies at the same time?

YES! We will be having a Bag Tag Distribution/School Supplies Drop-Off on Monday, August 10th from 7:00AM until 10:00AM and again on Tuesday, August 11th from 3:30PM until 6:00PM. This will be a drive-thru service. We ask that supplies be brought in large brown paper bags and stapled shut with the student name and grade level written on the outside with a large black marker. Feel free to use multiple bags, if needed. Please be sure to label all bags.

My child checked out an iPad/Chromebook in the spring. How do I return it?

Bring it with you when you come to pick up your Bag Tag and to drop off your school supplies. You will be able to check it back in at that time.

Under the A/B blended model of instruction, what will the first 2 days of school look like along with the first full week?

Thursday, August 20th - “A” students will attend school on-site, “B” students will be remote.

Friday, August 21st - “B” students will attend school on-site, “A” student will be remote.

Beginning the week of August 24 - “A” students will attend school on Monday, August 24, and Tuesday, August 25, while “B” students will be learning remotely.

Wednesday, August 26, All students will be working remotely.

Thursday, August 27th and Friday, August 28th, “A” students will be working remotely, and “B” students will attend school.

The highlighted information listed above outlines changes from the original document that was sent out on July 22nd.

We look forward to the 20-21 school year, and we are very excited about seeing your kiddos in August!