Fashion Pilgrimage

Mesha Bernard


I am doing a pilgrimage for fashion, and I will be traveling with a friend of mine. We will be traveling from Kansas to California to New York. Lets begin!!!

Fashion Pilgram

Monday, Nov. 10th, 9pm

California to New York

Going to California. Going to find the best designers and fashion shows. I will be walking miles, till I finally get to my destination. I want to meet Sherry Kelly and Snead Ellen. As I take on this trip there's a few things I need to take with me. I need a sewing machine to design clothes, I need hotel to take in, I need money, and communication with people. I believe the most changeling thing for me is to find out what I'm looking for in 4 days.

California to New york

After I'm done hit the sun, I'll be hitting the cold city, New York. In new York I will be doing the same thing I did in California. But the designer I will be looking for is Tony Bowls and Rubin Singer. I will have a fun time exploring. As I go on this trip i will be walking, exploring my surroundings, food and water, i will be traveling with a friend of mine, I will be taking my photo ID, sewing machine and the most anticipated challenge is trying to do this Fashion Pilgrimage in 3 days.

Fashion Pilgrimage

I am here to go to my dream job, and exploring to California and New York. I want to have a dream I know that I'm not going to give up on. I just need support from people. Would you want help to your dream job? What would you do? Please help and to support me in what I do. Please and Thank you