AMS Weekly News

September 27, 2021


October 8: No School, Teacher In Service Day

October 11: No School, Columbus Day

October 12: LATE START, School begins at 10:30AM

October 15: Outsider Day, Grade 7

October 15: Picture Re-Take Day

October 18-22: Team 8-1 Ecology School

October 25-29: Team 8-2 Ecology School

Message from Dr. Bernasconi

You may have heard of the Devious Licks challenge on Tic Tok encouraging students to destroy or steal school property. Unfortunately, AMS has not been immune to this challenge and these acts do not represent who we are as a community. We are talking about this as a school community and ask that families partner with us to continue the conversation at home about the negative impact these acts have. There is such an alarming number of trends on social media that our students are exposed to. So many of them are harmful to both students and the community. As an adult, a parent, or an educator it is really hard to keep up and ahead of all of these destructive ideas. So let’s change the narrative! In the announcements this week, we’ll post about the AMS Eagle Challenge. The AMS Eagle Challenge will ask members of our community of learners to take action to build up one another and our community through acts of kindness, generosity, and encouragement. Maybe it’s volunteering to help clean up a space after lunch or an activity, holding the door for others, creating a positive sign for the hallway or bathroom, bringing in a small token to brighten someone's day. The ideas are endless! The AMS SEL team will be trying to “catch” students in the act to compile a slide show of all the ways AMS is great! Let’s make this challenge go viral!

AMS Open House 2021

AMS Virtual Open House Recording: If you weren't able to join our virtual Open House last week, you can access the recording here by clicking on the link and entering the passcode:


Passcode: !0!jT#t5

PowerSchool Lunch Order Not Required

Thank you for your diligence in completing the PowerSchool lunch form each morning. Effective immediately, we no longer need you to complete the form. Our lunch staff are confident they know your student's eating habits and will prepare enough meals each day. We are currently serving over 300 meals every day.

Dismissal Procedure for Parent Pick Up

Dismissal is going well and you may have noticed that we have returned to TWO LANES for pick up each day in front of the school. In order to keep traffic to a minimum, we use CROSS ROAD for traffic control to keep the roadway clear of cars at dismissal. If our parking lot is full, we ask that you pull onto CROSS ROAD and stay there at the stop sign until directed by a designated AMS staff member or SRO Cerra to proceed to the school.


Thank you for your continued patience and understanding with our bus transportation. We hope that all drivers will be on their specific routes next week giving us a single bus per route.

Eyeglass Donation Drop Box

Sept. 8-Oct. 5: SHS student Dima W. is collecting used eyeglasses as part of his Eagle Scout Project. The used eyeglasses will be given to those in need via the Lion's Club national program.