Bacterial Transformation

Transgenic Organisms

What is your DNA technology topic and decribe it?

  • Bacterial Transformation
  • Bacteria are commonly used as host cells for making copies of DNA in the lab because they are easy to grow in large numbers. Their celluar machinery naturally carries out DNA replication and protein synthesis.

Who would benefit from this technology?

  • People in need of medicine can get strong antibiotics.
  • People with diabetes heavely relie on it because it makes insulin.

Pros and Cons


  • Able to create protein factories and save lives (insulin)
  • Human growth hormones to aid growth deficiencies.
  • Makes antibiotics.

  • Transform bacteria can have a undesired defect and it may be difficult to stop them , once its wide spread.
  • New pathogens may arise from transform bacteria.
  • Also diseases would be resistant to the medicine.

Why useful or important?

  • Its used to make mulitple copies of DNA, called DNA clonning.
  • Makes large ammounts of specific human proteins.
  • genetically modified a bacterium or other cell.
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  1. Does this benefit humans and plants or niether ?
  2. Can this cure diabetes?