The Roman Repulic News Source

By: Billy Gates ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ February Issue 49 BC

The Civil War Continues

In recent weeks, we have experienced the invasion of Julius Caesar who brought his troops across the Rubicon causing this war to erupt. Caesar is now attempting to set up his own Senate so he can once again regain power. He is claiming that many great changes will be made, but can we trust him?

A couple of his propositions are that he will not inflict the death penalty or take our property. He wants us to have a more peaceful and prosperous way of life. It is difficult to see this though when right now we are seeing war outside our doors.

Violence takes place in the city every day. Gangs have been formed, and each one is supporting a different political side. Some people are remaining loyal to the Senate and others have been influenced by the promises of Caesar. These gangs have been fighting in the streets and we have yet to find peace.
Caesar intends to rule our land. Will you support him?

What Your Clothing Says About You

Roman citizens, are you dressing appropriately? Workman and slaves, you have no particular fashions we know. However, if you are a citizen and a free man but you are not upper class your toga should be plain with no stripes. You can wear other colors such as darker colors when somebody close to you has died, but you still cannot wear stripes.

Narrow stripes on your tunic will show others that you are an equestrian. You are in a higher class than a regular free citizen but not as high as the Senate. You sandals can be open at the toes and are nicer quality.

Senators and upper class citizens will be recognized by the thick, red stripes on their tunics. These red stripes will be seen on their white togas as well as their colored togas and dress clothes. More expensive shoes that do not show your toes will also tell people about your high status.

Citizens, be informed of these differences and show proper respect when crossing paths.

Gladiator - To fight or not to fight?

The gladiator contests continue to take place in the arena. Mostly slaves that are healthy and strong men are being forced to become gladiators and fight to the death. People gather to watch these fights and probably bet on the winner. The slave owners are most likely rewarded and admired when their gladiators win.

Is this an acceptable form of entertainment for our people? It could be your father, brother, uncle, or son in the ring. We are putting such a small value on human lives when we cheer for one man to beat another man until he is finally dead.

Maybe if we used the gladiator contests for those who have committed crimes there would be more of a point. Those who break the laws are often killed anyway. If we put two criminals in the arena and let them fight, that would be entertaining as well as for a good purpose. Maybe some people would think about this type of punishment before they decided to break the law.
As we continue to organize these fights, let's think about using criminals instead of innocent slaves.