Holes by Louis Sachar

By Daniel Mainwald

Some of The characters

Some of the characters are: Stanley (Caveman) Yelnats, Hector (Zero) Zeroni, Rex (X Ray), Theodore (Armpit) Jhonson.The villan of the story is named the warden.The assistant is named Mr Sir.

Why I enjoyed this book.

I really enjoyed this book because it is really well written and it has a lot of imagery. My favorite part is when Stanley is sent to Camp Green Lake because it foreshadows what's going to happen in the story later on. I would recommend this novel to anybody. I really like the characters in this novel because they have a lot of personality and are colorful. I would not change a single thing in this novel.

The Important Characters

Some adjectives I would use to use to describe this book

1. This noval is very visual.

2. This noval is gripping

3.This noval is mostly serious.