by Ava

Astas son Wanted

Asta's son has stolen money from the manor and we are trying everything to stop him. If you find him kill him at any time because he is now declared a wolf's head. He was last seen in the woods by the manor. A messenger was delivering some every important papers to me when I saw him spying on us I then ran toward him trying to kill him because he knows things now that he shouldn't know and he jumped off a small cliff and disappeared. he has stolen money and eavesdropped on information he shouldn't know. The reward for finding him is 20 shilling.

Your steward,

John Aycliffe

Find him and bring him to me (John Ayciffe)


Bring him to me dead or alive preferably alive so that I can kill and make him suffer right in front of my cold dead eyes. He has stolen tons of money and jewelry and all kinds of valuable thing from the Manor. if you bring him to me you will get 20 shilling and a life in a house in the manor.

If you bring him to me........

The reward for finding him is 20 shilling
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