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April 2021

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March 2021

A Message from Mrs. Kern...

I hope everyone feels refreshed after their spring break and ready to get their learn on! We are bursting with joy to have many of our students back in person beginning April 5th. We are looking forward to green grass ahead, sunshine, days without coats and jackets, and lots of fresh air! We wanted to share some information regarding how we've prepared our building to house the increase in students while still meeting safety guidelines.

  • Masks will continue to be worn at all times when not eating. This includes both indoor and outdoor P.E. (unless we can guarantee a 6' spacing) and indoor and outdoor recess (unless we can guarantee a 6' spacing). If a student's mask is unable to properly cover their face they will be provided with a new mask.
  • Hallways and Bathrooms: Students will continue to be spaced apart to navigate the hallways and bathrooms. Students are limited to 3 at a time in bathrooms which is more typical to a normal year and the number of stalls, to allow for proper distancing.
  • Lunchroom(s): Our students will be eating at a minimum of 6' apart in the cafeteria and due to having the smallest building with minimal additional spaces, will also . To the greatest extent possible, our students will be facing the same direction. Students will use hand sanitizer, and/or wash their hands before entering the lunchroom and when leaving the lunchroom. When students are finished with their food they will be asked to wear their masks for the remainder of the lunch period.
  • Students will continue to use hand sanitizer before recess begins and at the end of recess. All recess equipment will be sanitized prior to the start of a recess and immediately after. We find that many of our students like to wear their masks even during recess. They are able to have them off as long as they are able to maintain social distancing.
  • Drinking fountains will remain off-limits. Water bottle fillers are turned on for students to utilize. Please send a water bottle with your student each day.
  • Snack will continue to take place in in the multipurpose room just as lunch is held.
  • Physical Education will take place outside unless inclement weather is present. If students are not able to be outside for P.E., Mrs. Martin and Mrs. McCoy will each lead a class through an indoor P.E. activity either in the multipurpose room or in classrooms. Students will remain masked during indoor P.E.
  • Woodbury has a designated area with an exterior entrance and exit door that houses individuals that are (or have a family member who is/has) experiencing Covid-19
  • At this point in time, the district is continuing to limit the number of individuals in the building. Therefore, during school hours we will not be hosting visitors.
  • Arrival: Upon arriving at school each day, students will be required to have a symptoms certification completed before entering the building. If a student does not have a completed certification a staff member will take their temperature and complete the screening process. Packets of certification slips have been sent home that contain enough slips for each remaining day of the school year.
  • Dismissal: We will continue to follow our dismissal schedule with many students exiting in the same manner.
  • Due to more students in attendance each day, please note that arrival and dismissal may take a bit longer. If you wish to park to play on playground, please park on an adjacent block and avoid parking in neighbor's lawns when possible. Please also be sure to use extra caution as the nicer weather often has more families walking together.


  • We will still be providing bagged lunches for students with some warm options.
  • In lieu of signing up each week online, lunches will now be signed up for daily in the classroom. You are not longer required to sign up online.


  • Attendance will now be taken each day at school. Despite the pandemic, Illinois schools are required to follow all attendance and truancy laws. Please make sure that your student(s) are attending school each day. If an absence is required, please be sure to call the main office at 815-786-6316.


Since the start of the school year, our students have utilized an online platform to receive their learning on remote days. Starting April 5th, remote learning days will no longer be a part of our instructional delivery model unless a change to our remote learning plan is necessary due to COVID-19. Due to the nature of a blended learning model, remote learning content has been available for a student who was sick or needed to quarantine. As we return to five-days-a-week learning, our staff will be focused solely on in-person instruction. Therefore, these platforms will no longer be utilized on a weekly basis.

As a result, when a student is out sick, our staff will work to provide them with make-up work for the time they are out similar to an absence in a typical school year. If a student is out due to potential/confirmed Covid-19 symptoms or exposure, the school will review options for return with parent/guardian and determine the student’s return to an in-person school date. Our staff will then plan accordingly in regards to preparing learning materials. The teacher(s) will communicate with you regarding when materials will be available to be picked up from school. Along with teacher-provided work, below is a list of example activities that students can utilize while at home.

  • Lexia

  • Reflex Math (2nd and 3rd Grade)

  • Jack Hartman Videos (Kindergarten)

  • Read for 30 minutes/Read to your student for 30 minutes

  • Various other web-based activities your student(s) teacher has utilized during blended learning.


Our Illinois state testing, the Illinois Assessment of Readiness, will take place May 3rd-14th for third grade students with make-ups to follow. The state of Illinois is not waiving these assessments for the 2020-2021 school year. We understand that learning has been impacted this year and that our students and teachers have worked so very hard. We hate to lose additional instructional time and all we can ask of the students is to do the very best that they can. We understand this can be an anxious time and we do not want the students to stress over something they cannot control. All we are asking them to do is try. Tests will be modified in terms of length as guided by the Illinois State Board of Education. Remote families, please note that this assessment is not able to be administered from home. More information will be shared as we learn more and we get closer to the date.

Spring Fastbridge Benchmark assessment will begin the week of May 17th. This data is helpful for our school to see individual growth and/or needs as well as it gives us useful class and grade data to help guide our teaching and learning.

K-1st grade will be assessed the Week of May 17th.

2nd-3rd grade will be assessed the Week of May 24th.

Remote families, please watch for an email regarding signing up for assessment times.

Important Dates

April 5th - School Resumes-FULL DAYS, MONDAY-FRIDAY

April 6th- National Healthy Schools Day

April 20th- School Board Meeting

April 29th - 11:10am Early Dismissal - School Improvement Planning

April 30th - No School - Teachers Institute

News from the Nurse


Illinois Vaccine Appointment Call Center: 833-621-1284

International Travel

Important information if you plan to travel internationally:

If you plan to travel internationally, you will need to get tested no more than 3 days before you travel by air into the United States (US) and show your negative result to the airline before you board your flight, or be prepared to show documentation of recovery (proof of a recent positive viral test and a letter from your healthcare provider or a public health official stating that

you were cleared to travel).

After You Travel Recommendations

Get tested 3-5 days after travel AND stay home and self-quarantine for 7 days after travel. Even if you test negative, stay home and self-quarantine for the full 7 Days. If your test is positive, isolate yourself to protect others from getting infected.

If you don’t get tested, it’s safest to stay home and self-quarantine for 10 days after travel. Avoid being around people who are at increased risk for severe illness for 14 days, whether you get tested or not. Always follow state and local recommendations or requirements related to travel.

We hope everyone has a safe and relaxing Spring Break.

spring weather reminders

Spring is known for its changing temperatures since teases of warmth are often taken away in an instant. We still have some chilly unpredictable days ahead, but with the return of the sun many of our students are quick to want to run outside without coats on. We encourage students to go outside with coats on especially when temperatures are chilly. We also know that different kids run hotter or colder. Please be sure that your child has proper attire for outdoor recess and discuss your family's expectations for having coats on or off. Thank you for your help!

K-1 P.E. With Mr. Adeoti

In PE class, kindergarten and first grade recently finished learning basketball skills such as passing, shooting, and dribbling. In dribbling, students learned how to use their finger pads to dribble the ball, and for passing skills, the bounce pass was introduced. In shooting skills, the B.E.E.F. method was introduced as an acronym for proper shooting technique. B.E.E.F stands for Balance, Elbow, Eyes and Follow-through. We will continue fitness units in the next couple of weeks as we transition to having school five days a week.

As a reminder, please have students continue to bring their P.E. shoes to school so that they can benefit from physical education activities while practicing safety precautions. After spring break, we will transition to having P.E. outside, so please have students dress appropriately, as the weather may still be cold in the morning during P.E. class.

I will continue to provide various activities for remote learners as we transition to having school five days a week of instruction. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Mr. Adeoti

K-1 Physical Education


2-3 P.E. News with Mrs. Martin

I’d like to invite all students to participate in the PHIT America, Happy Healthy Kids Coloring Contest. Students can choose their favorite sport activity template to color, designed by Romero Britto, to enter the contest. Once the students have finished coloring their page, they will need to upload it to the website. Once the image is uploaded, the image will receive a shareable link. This link can be used to share with family and friends to vote on the image. The more votes that the image receives increases the chances to win! Individual prizes and a grand prize can be awarded to a student and to a school! See the link below for further details on possible prizes available. There is no purchase necessary to enter the contest. Images need to be uploaded by April 14th, 2021. Click here for more information and to access the coloring pages:

We have entered into our Yoga unit. Students will demonstrate focus and concentration while performing a variety of poses on different bases of supports. Students will be able to demonstrate how to transfer weight to different body parts while twisting, bending, and curling with good flow. Students will be able to explain mindfulness and will be able to identify strategies that can help to calm the mind and body, not just in PE but in their daily lives as well.

Once our Yoga unit is complete we will move on to Cardio Drumming. Students will be able to increase their fitness levels while performing different exercises and movements using an exercise ball, fit sticks, and a bucket. Students will perform a variety of movements demonstrating rhythm and beat to keep active.

Mrs. Martin

2-3 Physical Education



It's been a long time coming, but there will be an opportunity for K-5 students to perform musically this Spring. It will not be in the form of a formal spring concert that takes place in a regular school year. Students that wish to take part in performing will join Mr. Anderson (K-3), Mr. Aska (4-5) and RJMC (Rebecca Johnson) at The Music In The Park Summer Concert Series at Veteran's Park (The Gazebo across from The Opera House downtown Sandwich). The event will take place on Wednesday, May 26th from 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. Immediately following this event, Mr. Anderson and Mr. Aska are working on a possible second performance for residents at Willow Crest Nursing Pavilion on Main St. in Sandwich. This is not set in stone at this time, but we have been in contact with an administrator at the facility. Once we know either way if this will be a possibility, we will share information. We would not enter the facility, but would perform the songs outside on the sidewalk/lawn that students have been working on as a part of The Audience and Performer Decorum Unit as outlined by The National Association for Music Education standards.

The singalong is not sponsored by Sandwich schools. It is a community event that is presented by RJMC and the city of Sandwich. Students will be invited to perform the songs they have learned at approximately 6:30 p.m., and will be about 15-20 minutes in duration. The remainder of the time will be a sing-a-long for everyone in a "karaoke-style" manner with both Mr. Anderson and Mr. Aska playing guitar and piano with words projected to favorite sing-a-long songs for people of all ages. All are welcome to step up on the gazebo and have their voices heard through The Gazebo that will be equipped with microphones that will pick up voices without the necessity of putting hands on for the safety and protection of those choosing to take part.

This is not a mandatory event for students and/or families. Students' music grades will not be affected one way or another if students attend or if they choose not to be there on May 26th. If students attend, they are welcome to come up on the Gazebo and sing, they could stand if front of the Gazebo or off to the side, or if parents/guardians would feel safer students could stand or sit with the families and put on a personal performance of the music that has been taught as a part of the curriculum for those that make up the audience. There is no suggested dress other than please look at weather conditions and dress accordingly. There is no set rain date. So, if we have to cancel because of weather, we will not be making up the concert. This is very simply a chance for our students to showcase their talents in an outside event.

For more information please look at Mrs. Johnson's Facebook page RJMC Music In The Park. Thanks


Mr. Anderson

K-3 Music Educator


Sandwich School District #430 2021-2022 School Registration Information

Unless you have requested hard copies of registration materials to complete, all registration and fee payments are to be completed online. PLEASE CLICK THE DOCUMENTS BELOW TO ACCESS REGISTRATION INFORMATION.

Click here for technology online registration instructions

Click here to start the online electronic registration process

Click here to down load PDF registration documents to complete and send to school

Click here to pay registration fees

Click here for lunch payments (2021-2022 year)

National Healthy Schools Day

Thank you schools! We thank Sandwich CUSD #430 schools on the frontline of the pandemic. From teaching, to meals, and to other supports, it has helped families and children through the COVID19 crisis. During National #HealthySchoolsDay in Public Health Week, and every week, we can all work hard to make children’s lives better.

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