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VOLUME 4, NUMBER 8: July 28, 2022

Message from the Principal . . . UPDATE #4

Corner Middle School Families,

Today is the fourth installment in a series of updates containing information you will need in preparation for the opening of the new school year. This update is about student Chromebooks.

This issue will discuss our school's use of Chromebooks, a review of new district policies addressing Chromebook care and abuse, protecting the Chromebook, and more.

Please remember, all guidelines are intended to promote and foster an appropriate educational environment by minimizing unnecessary distractions and permitting students to focus on academic progress.

Looking ahead . . .

  • Friday, July 29th Schedules
  • Saturday, July 30th Athletics
  • Sunday, July 31st Regular Weekly Buzz
  • Monday, August 1st Morning Drop Off / Afternoon Pick-Up
  • Tuesday, August 2nd Registration Follow-Up / Updates
  • Wednesday, August 3rd Health and Medical Updates
  • Thursday, August 4th Bus Information
  • Friday, August 5th Attendance Information
  • Saturday, August 6th Child Nutrition / Cafeteria Information
  • Sunday, August 7th Regular Weekly Buzz
  • Monday, August 8th Last Minute Reminders

Due to our receipt of regularly changing information and district updates, this information release schedule is subject to change. Thank you for your continued support of your student, our faculty and staff, and the administration of Corner Middle School! Enjoy your week!

Michael Manning


Corner Middle School

Chromebook Use at Corner Middle School in 2022-2023

As a part of our instructional program here at Corner Middle School, students will be issued a Chromebook to assist them in their academic work. Our teachers see both the advantages and disadvantages of the digital devices.

We will continue to utilize them for homework, classwork, and assessment. In addition, your student has resources that are available to him or her in the Classlink portal found on login. These apps provide academic remediation, research opportunities, connections to class materials, and more.

We strongly encourage our families to monitor your student's use of the school-issued devices, help us assure that they are charged each evening prior to coming to school, and that the device and its charge cord are brought each day to school. We are not given extra devices to utilize at the school.

Thank you for your assistance in fostering a routine at home that will help your student find success in using the Chromebook at school this year!

Jefcoed Policy Change Impacting Use and Care of School-Issued Devices

As a result of the mistreatment and failure to care for a high number of district-Issued devices last year, the Jefferson County Board of Education added the following policy to the Student and Parent Handbook for the 2022-2023 school year. Please read this carefully as it involves potential disciplinary action and possible restitution for the device.

Care of Devices

A. The device is the property of Jefferson County Schools and all users should follow the procedures outlined in the JEFCOED Acceptable Use Agreement.

B. Students are responsible for the care of the device(s) assigned to them.

C. Adding stickers, markings, or other cosmetic alterations is prohibited.

D. Identifying information on the device added by the school or manufacturer may not be removed.

E. Students should only use the device(s) assigned to them.

F. Damaged or malfunctioning devices must be turned in to the school for evaluation and/or repair as soon as the damage or malfunction is discovered.

G. Cords and cables should be inserted carefully into the device to prevent damage.

H. Devices should not be left unattended, in an unlocked locker, or in a vehicle.

I. Students should protect the device from extreme heat or cold, food or liquids, small children, and pets.

J. In case of theft, the school must be notified immediately so a police report can be filed.

K. Deliberate damage to a device and/or device accessories, including but not limited to, cases, cords, and headphones, as determined by the school administrator or Director of Technology may result in disciplinary action in accordance with the Student & Parent Handbook and restitution may be required.

Protective Cases are Required for School-Issued Devices

At the end of the 2021-2022 school year, we informed all of our families they should keep their student's Chromebook case for this fall. We did not take them up because what we saw was . . .

  • A small number of cases in pristine condition
  • A large number of cases that were water damaged, bedazzled, covered in stickers, written on, missing handles, full of holes, smelly from rotten food, etc.

I hope you get the picture. We could have taken them up and reassigned them, but who wanted the one that was smelly from rotten food. After the close of school in May, we found a large number of abused ones here on campus.

Families, the district requires all school-issued devices to have some protective covering. In order to prevent disciplinary action or restitution from issues that arise from occurrences that are listed in the article above, please make sure that your student has a protective covering/case for his or her Chromebook. They can be purchased online, at WalMart or Target, or you can even go to a number of stores and get something that doubles as a purse, backpack, or satchel.

It is your student's and your family's responsibility to assure that the Chromebooks are taken care of while in your student's possession. Thank you for your assistance!

A Last Word on Other Materials Associated with your Student's Chromebook

As each student is issued a Chromebook, he or she is also issued a charge cord. The care of those cords are just as important as the device. When a cord is damaged or lost, a replacement cord from Dell is close to $50.00. We cannot order a generic cord from Amazon. We are required to order replacements from Dell. Help assure your student takes care of the charge cord, doesn't leave it laying around when in transit, or exposes it to environments where damage can occur. You'll be shocked to know most are damaged by pets chewing through them.

In addition, students can also check out a USB mouse to use with the device that can assist them if they struggle with the mousepad. If issued to your student, he or she is responsible for the care and return of the USB mouse when checked in at the end of the school year. If lost or damaged, it must be replaced.

Thank you for your assistance as we work to provide your student one-to-one technology opportunities in the classroom and at home!

Corner Middle School

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Corner Middle School is committed to empowering our students as they build a foundation for college, career, and community success in a nurturing environment.

Our Vision

Our vision at Corner Middle School is to ensure our students are academically, emotionally, and socially prepared for challenges they may encounter in the next phases of their lives.

Our Beliefs

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