Alejandra Linares Sierra

What are Tumblebooks?

Tumblebook library for children is a website that has animated, talking picture books that engage children to read. TumbleBooks are created by taking existing picture books, adding animation, sound, music, and narration to produce an electronic picture book that children can read over and over again.

What are the strengths or best features of TumbleBooks cite?

The website is kid friendly giving them simple tabs to choose from, helping them find books easily and continue reading.

Tabs include...

-Story books -Language learning

-Read alongs -Playlist

-non fiction -Puzzles & Games


Each tab condenses the various books, games, and videos making it easy to choose and search a book to read.

Playlist is a useful tool to keep all of the students favorite books together.

What are the limitations of TumbleBooks?

TumbleBooks is a great resource to have in a classroom but it is pricy. In order to have access for a full year the cost is $799. Another factor is that the ebooks can only be accessed with a computer, iPad, and Internet. If the student does not have any of those then the website is useless. For example, if a teacher assigns homework to read a book and complete a quiz the student without internet or a computer handy will not be able to complete the assignment. The option of going to a public library to finish the assignment is there but what if the family does not own a car and libraries usually limit internet use to one hour.

How would you use TumbleBooks in your classroom?

It is a teachers responsibility to keep students learning, with TumbleBooks assignments will be created and in class activities. In my special education classroom the resource would be used in stations. Students would have the time to sit and have books be read to them and the fun part is they do not even know that they're learning! Also, when a student is not feeling well and starts misbehaving they can easily get a set of headphones and compose themselves as they read a book. Homework would be assigned as a reading log, giving students the responsibility of reading every night will help them improve, the book report and the quizzes some of the books have would need to be done every time. About 30 minutes of reading per night would be required by me, TumbleBooks has the amazing feature where students can see how long a book is with that they will be able to determine the books that they need to read to reach their mandatory thirty minutes.

TumbleBooks I suggest you read...

Looking through the various book selections TumbleBook provides I chose to read the following...

1. B.Bear and Lolly of to school

-author: A.A Livingston

-Illustrator: Joey Chou

-Publisher: Harper

2. Boomer goes to school

-author: Constance W. George

- Illustrator: Mary Whyte

-publisher: Chronicle books

3. Boomer's Big surprise

-author: Constance W. George

-Illustrator: Mary Whyte

-publisher: Chronicle books

I strongly suggest you read these to your students or use them as a sample to convince your school to purchase the software.

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