Kuna Middle School

Weekly News -- January 21, 2022

King/Queen of the Court

Sixth graders in Mr. Thomson's PE class have been competing for the "King/Queen of the Court" in their badminton unit. After a fun two weeks of hard work and learning, students are getting better every day!

Pictured below: Angel Nunez Corona, Cooper Harrington, Jeremiah Seeley, and Kasen Bettencourt

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Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Gaylor

Mr. Gaylor had been around the military most of his life. Mr. Gaylor’s step dad had been in the Army when he was in highschool. Mr. Gaylor joined his high school's army JROTC, or Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps, a program where you learn important life lessons from veterans. After Mr. Gaylor graduated he went into the Army. Mr. Gaylor liked the military and said there were good and bad days. While in the military Mr. Gaylor went to new places and learned about new cultures, customs, holidays, and languages. However, Mr. Gaylor’s favorite part was flying. His experience was good overall and learned many rewarding things in his twenty four years of being in the military.

Written by Brielle Harper (6th grade)

Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Young

Mrs. Young never thought she would be in the military. Mrs. Young had already become a teacher before she went into the military. Mrs. Young was watching the events that happened on September 11th with her students when she decided she wanted to be in the military. Mrs. Young wanted to help people and make a difference. “You don’t know how much you can do until you go out and do it.” Mrs. Young got to meet a lot of new people she wouldn’t have met and learn about diversity. Mrs. Young also learned about the importance of not only defending other people but also defending yourself. Mrs. Young definitely recommends others to join the military because it teaches real world skills that you should learn before you go into adulthood. It can be very rewarding for young adults.

Written by Brielle Harper (6th grade)

Bob Ross Cell Art

Seventh grade life science students learned to draw a detailed eukaryotic cell including cell organelles. They made the model drawings by following a video step-by-step in a Bob Ross style. Students were able to use colored pencils or markers and several students commented that they found the experience to be fun and relaxing while they were learning. The skills they practiced contributed to students being able to correctly produce cell images for their cell book projects.