About Georgia

In 1732, King George II (Georgia was named after him) granted a charter to the founder of this great state, James Oglethorpe
There were two main reasons for finding this state. It was to serve as a place where all the debtors could go, giving them an opportunity to start again. In addition to that, it was a barrier against spanish expansion from Florida.
The religion of the colony was mainly Catholic, and Anglican.
In February of 1733, James Oglethorpe, along with other colonists reached the Savannah River. After sailing upstream, they finally settled in what is known as Savannah. Originally, slavery was prohibited in Georgia, but in 1754, when Georgia was made a royal colony, this along with many other restrictions was abolished.
Georgia did very well as a royal colony. It fit well into the British Mercantile System. They exported things like rice, indigo, deerskin, and other things to England.