Creating a 'Wikispace' Classroom

Learn how to bring collaboration to your class online!

21st Century Tools Utilized

  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Feedback

So simple to use!

Wikispaces is a free site, used for online collaboration and communication between teachers and students of a classroom! It is user friendly, and takes very little time to set up! Create a username and password, and then hop on to start uploading materials for your class. You can create events for your students to mark on their calendar, and send out notifications to them as the event draws nearer. Wikispaces also allows you to create and assign individual and group projects to your class. As an educator, you can also upload new pages with relevant information you want your whole class to receive. The greatest tool though, is the assessment tool. Here, teachers can see how much time students are using the wikispace classroom, to see how much effort is being put into assignments.

This site can be used for middle school aged students, all the way up to college and beyond! It does take a little time to gain an understanding of the true capacity Wikispace has to offer, but once figured out it becomes an excellent way to ensure your students have all the material they need for an assignment no matter where they may be! (A downside of course is it does run on internet, which means if a student is out of town where there is no internet or perhaps do not have it at home, this could pose a problem for relying on wikispaces only.)

Check out the example below!

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Broadcast the vast amount of opportunities out there for your whole class in one central location!

By: Nancy C. Harrington