Wellington Media Center Resources

a guide to resources and recommendations

Databases and Resources found on the LMC website at http://blogs.fcps.net/weslib

BrainPop and Brainpop, Jr. Purchased by our wonderful PTA. The username is welibrary and the password is explorers

Britannica ImageQuest is a searchable database of over 3 million copyright free images for students to use in projects! Username is welibrary and the password is explorers

eBooks (700) and audiobooks (100): Located in our OPAC (online catalog) or accessed via the Destiny Quest app and the Follett Brytewave app. Each child receives a unique username and password. Letters about these apps will be going home in the next few week. Most students in grades 4 and 5 have theirs memorized.

Exploring Nature is an award winning website with natural sciene content and materials for educators, students, and parents. Don't forget to login to access the full content. The username is welibrary and the password is explorers

FreedomFlix uses the Cornerstones of Freedom books but in an enhanced eBook format. Each eBook contains embedded primary resources, videos, audio, images, and text. From home use the "access from home" link on the Media Center website and the username welibrary and the password explorers.

KYVL (Kentucky Virtual Library) contains encyclopedias and magazines for research. The login to this changes twice a year. The current login is fayettesd2 and the password is lumpyheart16.

PebbleGo and PebbleGoNext: PebbleGo features animal, science, dinosaurs, biographies that are suitable for grades K-3 with audio. PebbleGoNext features articles for all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and Washington, D.C.-plus 11 American Indian culture areas with 40 distinct tribes--this module explores the history, geography, government, people, and more. Students have direct access with a required login when accessing from the Library Media Center homepage.

ScienceFlix contains videos and articles about many different science topics. Also includes articles about careers in science, a Science Lab feature with projects and experiments, and quizzes. When accessing from home use the "access from home link" and use the username welibrary and the password explorers.

World Almanac for Kids: located under the Research Tools Menu on the LMC website on the Databases links. Includes facts, maps, symbols about all countries in the world. The username is welibrary and the password is explorers.