How Would Have Been Different?

BMS Summer Reading Assignment - Adriano Lopez

How Would it Had Been Different?

I would like to think that a new setting would have changed the outcome dramatically. Although there is no specific time and place mentioned in the book, I think that if the setting would have been present-day New York City, things would have been way different. Now a days we do not travel by foot as much as they did in the book setting. The use of cars to travel short and long distances makes it easy to get from place to place. Matty would not have taken as long to travel. Depending on the distance in the book, he would have spent a few hours rather than a day or two travelling through the Forest.

Cellular phone technology, if it would have been available in the book, it would have made things way easier for Matty, Kira and Leader. Matty could have contacted the Blind Man on his way to Kira's house. I believe that Matty would have not died at the end of the book because of the number of hospital in a bigger city like NYC. Maybe Matty would not have gotten hurt as he did in the book if he was travelling in a vehicle.

In the end, a different setting in the story would have made the outcome very different.