By Mary and Teresa

Intro Yo

Texting whilst driving do not go well together, you know what they say...YOLO

Drive safely and be aware of others around you. Texting while driving is not safe and can result in many consequences.

Breaking the Law

Not only are you putting yourself in danger when texting and driving, you are also breaking the law. By texting and driving you are violating a law and this results in consequences. The consequences include fines and possibly losing your license. So thing before you text and drive. Would you rather lose your license and get a fine OR would you rather text and drive?

Ways to avoid using your phone

  1. Turn your mobile off on put it on silent whilst in the car
  2. Install devices into your car which allow to access your phone safely (e.g. headset)
  3. Keep your mobile phone out of reach so it isn't as much of a temptation to use it
  4. Call people via Bluetooth
  5. If you urgently need to reply to a text, write a text or take/make a call then pull over and stop the car

Dont text and drive
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