Salmon's Week 3 Update

September 19th-23rd


This week we will read The Horned Toad Prince. This tale is a retelling of the famous fairy tale the Toad Prince, but the end is quite different. The students reviewed sequencing and worked on Author's Purpose. Ask about "PIES" - hint you can't eat this type!

P - persuade (trying to get the read to do or believe something)

I - inform (teach you about something/someone)

E - entertain (fiction stories, joke books, etc)

S - share feelings (poetry)

Science: We will finish our unit on the Scientific Process and begin Plants. Here are words to know:

carbon dioxide, nutrients, oxygen, chlorophyll, roots, stem, flower, leaves

Social Studies and the Southwest. We focused on the geography and economy of this region. The students thought "Black Gold" was fascinating. We are starting to learning about the different tribes of Native Americans: Hopi, Navajo, and Pueblo.

Overview of Reading Work (AKA: homeroom if not completed in class)

Many students will finish this work prior to the end of the day, so you may or may not see this item(s) come home. If they have not completed it you should see a "HW" next to the item in their agenda.

Mondays - AM Spelling Sheet, Spelling Sort

Tuesday - AM Spelling Sheet

Wednesday - AM Spelling Sheet, Vocabulary/Grammar Sheet, Study for Spelling Test

Thursday - Review Vocabulary (Family Times)

In addition, students should be reading 5 nights a week (Sunday-Thursday) 20-30 minutes.

I hope this helps.


  • Please remember to send a note in if your child is going to be out. If they are out on a Friday they will need to make up the quiz over the story upon returning. I will try to get home anything else. Thanks for understanding.
  • Spelling Test will always fall on Thursdays - if your child looses their list during the week, all lists are posted on my website under the "Reading" tab.
  • Remember to sign agendas nightly and "purple" card in the Thursday Folder

Wednesday, September 28th - Early Release

Thursday, October 20th - PIR Day (no class for students)

Friday, October 21st - PIR Day (no class for students)

Contact Information

Keep in Touch!! Here are a few ways. If you call the classroom during the day I will not answer, but you may leave a message. I may not be able to listen until after school. I see emails most of the day and this is the best way to get in touch.