Hot Shot On Ice By:David Halecroft

Presented By: Brooklyn Maass

Third-Person Omniscient Point of View

You know how all the characters are saying, feeling, thinking, or seeing.

Example from the book: Derrick laughed and watched Chris and Bannister eat two ore pieces of pizza.


"Where are you going Chris?" asked Derek.

"I can't go with you guys to get pizza," Chris said sadly.

"There's room for you. we even told Bannister not to come because we want you there. Common your the newest player we need you." whined Derek.

"I just don't belong with you guys," Chris raised her voice a little higher.

"Chris, we all know you want to come so just ride with me. My mom can give us a ride," Derek said smiling and waving Chris to come his way.

"I just don't feel right and plus I just don't want to," Chris's voice got a little louder.

"Chris tell me why you don't want to and if it's a good reason you don't have to go and if it's not then you have to come," Derek barked.

"Because I'm a girl! That's why I don't want to go okay!" Chris yelled.

The whole team heard her including the coach.

Main Character

Chris Sante

Chris is the main character in "Hotshot on Ice". She comes into the book when the first practice starts. No one knows that shes a girl and everything thinks shes a guy. Derek one of her best friends is the first to find out that Chris is a girl. Derek then finds a way to tell the whole team without Chris knowing. Chris is smart. She had strategies and ways of doing and sneaking things. She is an outstanding hockey player, which none of the guys like because they know that she is better than them. She doesn't care what other people think of her and just goes with the flow.


The theme is external and is person vs. person. Threat everyone with respect and you will get it back in return. When Derek and the team finds out that Chris is a girl, they go crazy and try to get her off the team because they think that she isn't good enough. Chris is devastated and let down by the team. When the team sees how amazing of a player Chris is they regain full respect for her. If the guys would have just respected Chris for who she is, the reason would have went a lot better.