Inconceivable Possibilities

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Dearest You,

Happy New Year!!!

When I look at 2015, the first word that comes up is – AMAZEMENT

All of this actually occurred in the same year?!

I created that much?!

I chose that much?!

YES I did!

And I would love to invite you to choose more too!

Both my dance and my Access business have changed and grown tremendously in 2015

and I know this is related to my choice to create more.

So after 5 wonderful years as an artist in residence at the Korzo theater, I chose to step out and create my own dance company and function as a totally independent choreographer/artist.

This is not ‘logical’ choice, nor a ‘smart’ choice since I am moving from ‘stability’ to ‘instability’. Yet for me it was very clear that this choice would create more AND be more fun!

So I wonder:

What would you like to choose? What would you like to create and have?

Not only for the new year but just…NOW?!

I don’t really believe in new year resolutions since they have the energy of conclusion. What if you would not function from calculation, computation or decision? What if you keep asking what is fun for YOU? And what if you start choosing and creating from THAT awareness?

What energy, space and consciousness can my body and I be to have total ease to choose what will create more possibilities, joy and consciousness?

And when I look at my Access business, I have been choosing from this space as well.

Facilitating so many classes and sessions this year. Besides facilitating in Belgium and Holland, I was so lucky to go to Paris, Copenhagen and Hong Kong!

And there is more:

I created 2 Access specialty classes that had been percolating

in my universe for some time and suddenly just popped:

The Seduction of Embodiment class is all about acknowledging my love and ease

with bodies. The invitation to include your body, the energy of sexualness and potency.

The Joy of Movement class was actually proposed to me by Gary Douglas.

In this class I combine my capacities with (moving) bodies and Access tools.

I also finally acknowledged this year how much I love business and this has shown up as a clarity night on business : Make your business THRIVE

When I look at all the shifts & changes that have occurred, I can honestly see that choice creates awareness.

And I have been choosing so much MORE!

One of the ways I have been choosing more is adding people

to my team: this choice has changed so much for me!

One of them is Ivana Faber: my Global Host Coordinator and my main

host in Holland. Asking her to work with me has changed so much in both our worlds. The speed, ease and fun we have is so wonderful & generative.

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Now for me, the following clearing that Gary gave us at the end of

the summer changed a lot and I would love to share it with you:

What space can acknowledging what you have created give you? !

What future have you created, and are you aware of, that you

haven’t acknowledged, that is actualising with the rapidity and

speed that outstretches and fights this reality?

Looking at the reality I have been creating I see how much I

created that I hadn’t even acknowledged! How about you?!!!!

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As for 2016: the word that comes up first is EXCITEMENT!

The year kicks off with a bunch of wonderful classes in the Netherlands and Paris.

After that Stockholm, Vienna, Budapest, and I wonder where else…?!

I am so so curious and honoured to travel to facilitate & meet people and be part of creating more consciousness and change!

I would like to wish you an inconceivable 2016 filled with a plentitude of choice, possibilities and contribution.

Hoping to meet you live or in the virtual world sometime, somewhere…

So much love,


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Kalpana Raghuraman is a desired Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, known for her sharpness, clarity, humor and warmth. Kalpana is also an internationally acclaimed performer, choreographer and dance instructor. She travels the globe creating change and consciousness through her art and facilitation. She blends together beautifully her capacities as an artist with her awareness and talents as an Access facilitator.

Watching Kalpana you can perceive the magic, grace and potency. What invitation can she be to you?!