Abraham Maslow

practitioner of humanistic psychology


  • Best known for his theory of "self actualization".

  • Had an unhappy and lonely childhood so he spent a lot of time in the library.
  • Had problems with his father. His dad loved whiskey, women, and fighting. He also verbally abused him which negatively impacted his self-image.
  • Because he too thought of himself as disgusting, Maslow would often look for empty cars when riding the subway so that no one else would have to come in contact with his detestable image.
  • Maslow once found two abandoned kittens on the street. He decided to take them home and nurture them. One evening, his mother found him giving the kittens some milk in the families' basement. She immediately became enraged and smashed the kitten's heads against the basement wall.
  • Went to one of the top 10 high schools in Brooklyn, New York
  • Married his cousin.
  • Studied psychology in college and believed the basic needs of a human were "air, water, food, and sex"
  • Died of a heart attack while jogging
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