Sun Safety

Skin Cancer, Sun Safety and more

Sun Safety

It is important that we protect our skin from getting burnt and contracting skin cancer. This is because skin cancer can kill if not treated. There are three types of skin cancer, Melanoma, basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma. Melanoma is the worst type of skin cancer and needs to be treated straight away before it can spread through your body.

Skin cancer can be cut out of your body and lots of people have had that done.

Australian Skin Cancer risk

Australians are at high risk of skin cancer because allot of our activities our out door activities and we are out door and there is a hole in the ozone layer that is above Australia which puts people at high risk because the ozone layer is what protects us. People at the most risk are older people who have light skin.

The UVA light and UVB light is not as well stopped when coming down to earth in Australia. The hole in the ozone layer lets the light go through making it more dangerous

What people can do?

People can Slip on clothing Slop on sunscreen Slap on a hat Seek Shade and Slide on sun glasses. Is a rule that all of you should follow to make sure you are well protected from the sun. check on the Skin Cancer website about the UV alert to keep you aware of how strong the sun will be today.