Magic Marks The Spot

Summer Reading, Riley


This book is about a girl that wants to be a pirate. She cannot be a pirate because she is a girl so her parents send her to Miss Pimm's which is a school for ladies. Then she snuck out of Miss Pimm's and joined a pirate crew. They set out to find the Enchantress of the North land's hidden magic. The first treasure they found was a setup but they found the real treasure in Miss Pimm's they also stopped her father from taking over the kingdom with the hidden magic.


This book was okay. Although I would not recommend this book to any boys because it is a little girly.


Caroline Carlson is the author of Magic Marks The Spot. She got a Bachelor degree from Swarthmore College. She writes children books. Now she lives in Pittsburgh.
Magic Marks the Spot Book Trailer
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