2015 Year in Review

Devon L.

3 companies that market themselves the best

One company that markets themselves the best is Disney. First off, Disney filmed the very popular movie Frozen. Even though Frozen is now out of theaters, the company still continue to make money off of merchandise, park attractions, video games, ice shows, and of course toys. Disney also just recently released their new record- breaking series, "Star Wars: The Force Awakens". This year just proves that even though lots of amazing and popular movies will go out of theaters, Disney will still make money off of merchandise and also keep on releasing even better movies each and every year.

The second company that markets themselves the best is Apple. Apple tends to grow more and more every single year. The apple company tended to expanded gradually throughout 2015 since it was mostly customer focused, with the many new phones and devices that they released such as: the 6+ and 6s iPhones, apple watch, and new iPads.

The final company that markets themselves the best is Nike. Not only does Nike make sports clothing that branches out to all sports and genders but they also have the most athletes sponsoring them and they have also even sponsored fashion runway shows. They also are now the most-mentioned fashion brand on Instagram.

Best and Worst products of 2015

2 of the best products of 2015 would be TImberland shoes and the iPhone 6. The 2 worst products of 2015 would be hoverboards and clip on man buns.
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Best movies of 2015

The 2 best movies of 2015 were Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and also the movie Jurassic World. The Star Wars movies were marketed by getting fans excited about the movie months before it actually came out. Also the Jurassic World movie was marketed also by using their previous fans to get excited about the movie.

Top Musical Artists of 2015

The 2 top musical artists this year were Justin Bieber and also Adele. These artists were so huge because they made huge comebacks after most fans just started to give up on them. Justin Bieber had a lot of problems with the law and eventually got help for them, and just as fans started to give up on him he came out with a huge popular album and fixed his attitude leaving fans very satisfied. Again with Adele, she had an amazing few years of great songs but then went into the dark and barely had any hints of new songs or albums in the future. Suddenly, her new single "Hello" came out and it became and huge hit that fans loved!

Top 10 list

This is actually a top 40 list of songs from 2015!

1. Love Yourself

2. Sorry

3. Hello

4. WHat Do You Mean

5. You Don't Owe Me


My new years resolutions this year in my personal life is to be happier with who I am and not only care what other people think about me. My resolution for family and friends is to help out around the house and make life on my mom a lot easier. My resolution for school and work is to study at least 2 days before every test
I have and not study a few hours/days before.