Bangladesh Revival 2016

APOSTOLIC is the only word applicable to the manifestation of God's Power and Presence upon the people of Bangladesh both in Chittagong and in Farid-pur Conference held recently God opened the blind eyes,healed those that came with partial deafness and many with bone diseases and arthritis were healed instantly. The muslim visitors took the altar at the end of the services coming forth for prayers in spite of heavy load of fear of possible persecution from their own people if come to find out of their boldness to reach for JESUS.As miracles and healings took place - it electrified the entire meeting and faith was high for these hungry crowd to believe for anything possible by the hand of Jesus. Most of the nights I did not get to finish the message... God mightily placed His Hand of approval on His Word. So emotional and inspiring to feel the anointing as we watched many came forward to the altar at the end to testify of the healing power of Jesus and then manifest a countenance of awe and gratefulness toward Jesus!!

Holy Ghost Revival meeting in Bangladesh

The Holy Ghost kept falling upon the audience with tremendous manifestation of His Power and Presence. All together more than 150 received the baptism of the Holy Spirit

The people from baptist and secular Christian background together with the muslims responded overwhelmingly toward Him! They were mightily blessed experiencing deliverance and emotional healings on every hand!
One baptism preacher was filled with the Holy Ghost 3 times over and at the end of the service he cried out loud “This is what I was looking for and God met my longing for the Holy Spirit” Another 7 muslim young men made commitment to follow after Jesus as they have felt His touch and embrace His presence in these meetings.
On certain nights we would experience a blackout and the crowd would light up the place with their hand phones and dance around the camp.Without music you could hear the sound of thunderous shout of praise and worship from the depth of their hearts .It was glorious moment of worshipping the One that was seated in the midst of us.