Symbols of religion

Harlee Symes

Why do we have symbols?

we have symbols to show an image that represents an idea or belief. The Cross for instance represents when Jesus was put on the cross and was killed.

Jewish Symbols

The Star of David

Even though it's the most common and is a (recognized all over the world) sign of Judaism and Jewish identity, they both are within and outside of the Jewish community, it has only achieved this status in the last two hundred years.


Beliefs are something where you follow or believe on something spiritually.

A picture of someone with Beliefs in the Catholic Church

This picture shows that God wants all people to believe in him, to have a belief that he is real.

Symbol of a Judaism belief

Jewish people that believe in something is a belief.


Catholic Ritual

This is a catholic Ritual, as you can see the Priest is blessing the child as a Catholic also known as Baptism

Rituals of the Jewish Church

This picture shows a guy blessing or saying a prayer to the believers.

Myths and Other Stories

Myths and Stories are Unknown to everyone weather its real or not or are imaginary.

Myths and Stories of the jewish church

This picture shows a story that the jewish like to read and call it a myth or story.

Myth and Stories in the Catholic Church

This a book that towards the Catholic church made by Christopher.

Sacred Texts

A sacred text is a text, message or story that people believe in.

The Sacred Text of Judasim

This shows that one of the great believers of judaism is writing down something that people are soon to believe iswell

Sacred Text of Catholicism

This is all the sacred texts the catholic church keep and read in special times.

Social Structures

Social Structure is where peoples roles are in order from the most important to the least.

Social structure of the Jewish Church

This picture shows people doing their part in the jewish tradition

Social Structures of the Catholic Church

This one also shows what the roles are in the Catholic Church as it does in the Jewish church.

ethics (codes of behaviour)

Ethics are basically rules, or something they follow and do.

Ethics of the Jewish Church

This picture shows a book of what people follow or read and do so (a rules book.)

The ethics of the Catholic Church

This picture shows what Catholic people read and also follow.

religious experience and spirituality

This is when something special happens and you believe God was there to show you or help you.