Extreme Jealousy

Abusive Relationships

Extreme Jealousy:

In which a person wrongly believes that their spouse or sexual partner is being unfaithful without having any real proof to back up their claim.


1) A girl might want to go out with her friends for the night but her boyfriend is feeling like she is cheating on her or doesn't want to be with them.

2) A boy maybe wants to go see his old best friend for the day but his girlfriend thinks he is lying and only wants him for her self.

Signs of extreme jealousy:

1- Always looking at who they are talking to

2- Over reacts when girl/boy comes home late

3- Get mad or upset when he or she is hanging with someone else that is not them.

4- Try's to persuade them into not going into work or somewhere so they can be with them.

Ways to prevent you from not getting jealous:

1) Don't over react to much

2) Trust your partner

3) Let them have freedom in the relationship

4) Don't always ask where they were or call them all the time