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College & Career Resources from ESC 18 Nov. 2017


Below you will find a few links that connect you and your family to resources that help with

  • High School & Testing
  • College & Career Investigation for 6th-12th (or really anyone)
  • Labor Market Trends & Tools
  • Applications and Financial Aid

Each site links you to other resources. Deciding what you want to do in life and which college to go to doesn't happen overnight. No matter where you are on your journey, there is something here for you. This list isn't the end -it's just the beginning. If you have a favorite resource be sure and send it my way.

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Take a minute to click here to check out more information about GenTX. It's loaded with stories from students and amazing resources that help make the college and career investigation process easier!!

Understanding High School Graduation Requirements & Testing

TEA's Graduation Toolkit

Information for Planning Your High School Years & Beyond

Sites for College and Career Investigation... Every site connects you with additional resources

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Texas OnCourse is for 7th-12th graders, families and educators

  • Click here to access resources and planning tools!
  • Be sure to check out the "Students & Families" link in the toolbar

Labor Market Tools

Tools to make career investigation easy...

  • Texas Skills to Work was initially built for veterans to help translate their military skills into a civilian job. However, it is applicable for any job seeker. It is similar to My Skills My Future, but more dynamic and easier to use.

  • Texas Reality Check is a lifestyle budget calculator targeted toward students, but applicable to the general population as well. It helps the user tie lifestyle choices to costs and then helps identify jobs that support those choices.

  • Texas Labor Analysis is scheduled for launch in December 2017. It will, among other things, provide information on in-demand occupations by region and education level.

College Applications

All Things Financial Aid

TASFA: Texas Application for State Financial Aid

If you are not eligible to fill out the FAFSA, you can fill out the TASFA. Be sure and talk to your high school counselor or college admissions advisor if you have any questions.

  • Click here for Spanish
  • Click here for English

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