Tadoba Resort: Best Scenic Beauty

Whenever planning to travel in any forest or environment friendly places, vacationers need to be extra careful while following the rules. The forest rules are made to provide maximum safety measures to the tourists and also to protect the wildlife. The main concern is to not disturb the natural habitat, even one percent. This can be done by minimizing the impact, associated with suitable and sustainable eco-tourism service. You can come in direct contact with the park rules and regulations as mentioned under the Wildlife Protection Act. There are other subsequent amendments, which are available under various sections like 28, 27, 29, and 30 to 33 acts.

Some special rules to follow

Whenever you are planning to get some excitement by visiting a jungle safari, make sure you are acquainted with the rules of the jungle. Different rules are implied on different grounds, and there are experts, ready to help you find the best options. You can follow the rules, mentioned by guides, before entering the nature’s zone.

  • For the first rule and the most important one, make sure that you abide by the rules of that particular park. You are asked to obtain a permit from the guards, before entering the premises.

  • It is better to take help from official guides as they are well acquainted with the route of the jungle and the interesting spots. In case you are planning to take a jeep, make it a point to drive slowly.

  • As per the norms, the recommended speed is something near to 20kms, on the hour scale. The main reason is to not disturb the natural surrounding and wildlife, surrounding your area.

  • Animals have every right to move in any direction they want, as it is their area where you are intervening. Make sure to be extra cautious, when you are driving. You cannot hurt or kill any wildlife due to your negligence.

  • During excursions, it is your duty to maintain silence. You need to ensure that you are following the disciplinary rules well and as mentioned in the guide book. If you fail to do so, then it is your hard luck. You will miss out the wildlife venture, even after spending so many amounts on the trip.

  • During summer months, you are advised to carry drinking water. You will not get a chance to get any mineral water inside the safari zone.

  • On the other hand, if you are planning to take a ride on an elephant, make sure to wait for your turn. Do not create a fuss while standing in the line. Follow the rules as mentioned by mahout, while climbing an elephant.

  • You need to respect the wildlife and their surrounding while planning for a jungle safari. If you want, you can even enjoy the natural beauty from your Tadoba resort. These are located nearer to the wildlife areas and maintained accordingly.

More about the resort

The resorts are well constructed with 100% safety measures. The main aim of the administrative body of the resorts is to keep a proper track of the guests. It is their duty to look after the safety measures of the tourists. The resorts are surrounded with electric wires, which will prevent wildlife from entering the premises. You can sit near the barricade, on an easy chair, and enjoy a thrilling experience with your family members and friends. You will be so close to the wild nature, yet within the surrounding environment. The best part is that the guides are available from the resort community. Therefore, you do not have to look any further for the reliable guides, for a trip inside the jungle.

Author Bio: Mathew Segmond is going to tell you about the proper tips, before opting for a jungle safari. He knows the services, offered in Tadoba resort and well acquainted with the knowledgeable guides.

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