This Week...

  • We will only have tutorials on Tuesday!
  • Ms. Baer is out Wednesday-Thursday to proctor FSA
  • RTN Project Blogs #1-2 and interview questions are due this week!! Make sure you are keeping up!
  • FSA Grade 10 Reading begins next week - check with Ms. Baer or your English teacher for your test date, time, and location!


Students will be able to...

  • Utilize skills built in business etiquette and professionalism
  • Conduct research on leaders in their community
  • Prepare and ask higher-level thinking questions
  • Create a representation of their RTN experience
  • Reflect on educational experiences

Monday, April 11

Do Now: SAT Question

You will be given a new do now tracker today!

Weekly Logs are due today!

Road Trip Nation Project

  • Blog #1 (Cold Call) is due by Wednesday!

Creating Interview Questions

  • Watch Resource Video
  • Work with a partner to create at least 15 questions to ask your interviewee

TRF's due tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, April 12

Tutorials - You MUST have a tutorial when you come in the door!

Wednesday, April 13

Do Now: SAT Question

Continue creating your interview questions

If you finish early, upload them on to the Project Interview Link

Blog #1 Cold Call is due today!!!

Thursday, April 14

Baer Out

Study Groups

Friday, April 15

DO NOW: SAT Question