where is middle earth?


landscape, language and culture

Austria has a very varied landscape. Two thirds of the country is covered by mountains and almost one half of the mountains are covered in forests. The most important populated areas in Austria are at the foothills of the Alps and the Carpathian mountains, the Vienna basin and the Austrian sections of the Carpathian plains which feature green hills and plains, fields, wide regions, rivers and lakes as well as wide open steppe. The main language in Austria is German, although Austrian German is slightly different than the standard German. Other languages that are spoken in the country are Hungarian, Slovenian and Croatian. English is also widely spoken in tourist areas. Some examples of Austrian food are Karntner Kasnudeln, Styrian Pot Roast, Tafelspitz and Weiner Schnitzel. Some traditions are NeujahrsschieBen, Neujahrskonzert, Salzkammergut, and Weiner Opernball.

description // argument

I think Austria would be a good place for middle earth because it is almost how i imagined the hobbit and the troop to be in and the background and scenery and there are mountains and its cold and things that looked like it did in my head. New Zealand still looks exactly how I imagined it, looking magical and so nice and pretty but of course, we couldn't use that country, but Austria does look a lot like I thought Middle Earth would look like.

counter claims

I think Austria is the best place for Middle Earth because of the beautiful hills, rivers, mountains and just scenery and landscape in general.


In conclusion, I think that Austria is the best country to represent the land that Mr. Tolkien describes in his book, The Hobbit.