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Theatre Arts Program, English Dept, George W. Hewlett High School, June 2021

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Showcases 2021

Theatre encompasses all of the major forms of human expression. It is the continuing practice of empathy and the search to find the answers to the mysteries that motivate the human personality.

During this unprecedented time, I am so proud that Thespians and Theatre students have been continuing to write, direct and perform within stage and film mediums to continue to practice and support the many skills that theatre arts teaches. Skills such as communication, confidence, accountability, creativity, time management, collaboration and resilience.

Students have been exploring storytelling live and on film during Theatre classes this year.

All classes within the Hewlett Theatre program are highlighted in our showcase website created by Mackenzie Smith. Enjoy!https://sites.google.com/hwps.net/hewletttheatre/welcome

Senior One Acts

Also available on the Showcase website are the Senior One Acts!


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The Thespian Honor Society welcomes new members!

Thespian is a title of honor, signifying a commitment to an art as old as humanity. The students inducted tonight have devoted over 100 hours of service to theatre arts productions at our school. In addition, each of our new inductees has taken at least two theatre courses and many will continue on to complete our NY State English Council’s award -winning Theatre sequence.

The following students have been inducted as THESPIANS:

Noga Altheim

Anneliese Baum

Leah Bragin

Jeff Castellon Bojorge

Cory Easterling

Olivia Ginzburg

Anastasia Inglima

Samarah Kirschbaum

Justin Mardorf

Krisantina Prifti

Elani Rocha

Melissa Ruvinov

Sarah Smith

Emma Tsoglin

Thoughts from our THESPIANS: On Theatre

For me, theater is collaboration in search of a new reality. It can be near-identical to or completely removed from real life, with people coming together to create a world they can noticeably shape.


To me, theatre means working with others to tell a unique story.


Theatre is a way for me to express myself, have fun, and to be someone who I'm not for a while. Theatre is a way for me to be social and have a good time while creating something I am proud of and I think is worthwhile to watch.


To me, theatre provides me with a way to express my feelings without having to directly say how I truly feel.


This sounds like really cliché but Theatre to me is home. It’s the class period I look most forward to because I can be myself and not feel completely judged. We’re all weird in a good way which is why we all vibe and have a good time, cause we get each other. We all share the same passion, or else why would we still be here? Just being part of this Hewlett Theatre family is genuinely like no other. When I’m up on stage with my friends making the audience laugh, it just feels right.


Theatre is a place where the unspoken is spoken, where the dream turns to reality, and an open door of miscellaneous expressions and characteristics become inclination of new possibilities of a student and aspiring actor. Theatre is a place where history is made and the future is admired and awaiting.


To me, theatre means family and laughter. It's a place where I can be whoever I want, both onstage, and off. It's a place where my friendships will last for the rest of my life.


To me, theatre is a place of expression. Whoever I am with, theatre allows me and my fellow actors to be themselves without any judgement.


Theatre for me is a way to tap into my creative side and share that creativity with others.


Theatre is a place I come to act; I love acting and it’s like my escape from everything. Theatre is everything.


Theatre means making relationships and connections between people. You can interact with people in an intimate way and become close friends through it.


Theatre is a beautiful experience that has become a part of my life. It will always have a special place in my heart.


Congratulations SENIOR HONOR Thespians

The following students have earned graduation Honor cords for their extended service, study and practice of Theatre Arts at George W. Hewlett High School.These students have completed hundreds of hours of dedicated practice to Theatre classes as well as play and musical productions.

Mahad Adnan

Ava Barone

Ryan Cera

Stephen Graziose

Estee Hofman

Dillan Khodik-Yapport

Samarah Kirschbaum

Jacob Kupchik

Jada Lewis

AJ Minzer

Belle Nahoom

Olivia Sava

Muhammad (Azan) Shahzad

Mackenzie Smith

Kayla Spinner

Logan Swerdloff

Irini Toumazatos

Rachel Zelicof

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Congratulations to our new Thespian Executive Board for 2021-22!

Presidents: Isabelle Borohov, Tamara Sekhniashvili

Vice President: Jessica Lubliner

Secretaries: Marion Hausmann, Anastasia Inglima

Treasurers: Olivia Ginzburg, Noga Altheim

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Check Please!

The Hewlett Theatre Company produced the virtual comedy, Check Please and Check Please: Take 2 by Jonathan Rand on April 16th and 17th. The show was rehearsed and filmed entirely remotely and the dedicated film crew edited the film. The production was available via Broadway on Demand making it convenient and safe for audience members to view from their homes.

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The Legacy Robe

The Legacy Robe is a Broadway tradition in which an ensemble member with the most Broadway credits receives a robe on the opening night of a Broadway musical.

The Hewlett Theatre Company adopted this tradition in 2007 and has since bestowed the robe to the seniors with the most Theatre Company credits.

This year, Belle Nahoom, Mackenzie Smith, and Stephen Graziose were the honorees.

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This newsletter is brought to you by the Theatre Program and English Department of George W. Hewlett High School.

Theatre teacher and Director of the Hewlett High School Theatre Company: Dawn DeMaio

English Department Chairperson: Michele Hochhauser