By Rylee Scott

How do Earthqukes Happen?

Earthquakes happen by tectonic plates hitting each other and get caught on each other.Then when the two plates finally release they let out energy that can sometimes be as large as 100 buildings combined or as small as a bird. The energy that was let out can make shakes and waves up and down and wreak items or nock it down. It can damage your car,house,electric,or even can knock down trees.

Where can Earthquakes happen?

Earthquakes can really happen anywhere.They most are likely to happen near fault lines. They also mostly only happen in areas that are near water and are on the edge of a continent. Here are some places they acure California,Alaska,China,and South America. California has a huge fault line though it.

What damage do Earthquakes cause?

Earthquakes can cause a lot of damage! Earthquakes get measured by a measuring source called a richter scale. The scale goes from 1.0 to 10.0. Earthquakes can cause damage in or on houses,cars,bulidings,trees,and people.Earthquakes also can be so big and disruptive some people in other states near by can feel them.

How can we reduce the impact on humans?

How do we reduce the impact on humans.We can reduce the impact by buliding stronger building codes. Also by having a ready kit just in case you need to contact or you are traped and you are hungry.Next have a first aid kit. Lastly stay in your house and have your your things that you will need with you.
What is an Earthquake? Facts & Information | Mocomi Kids