KISU Newsletter

Number 502 ...............................27th November 2021

Director's Message

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In my much younger days I played a lot of sport. The best coaches I had always told me that you can tell the quality of a player by how they performed in the final 10 minutes, when they were approaching exhaustion. Will they keep going and push themselves just that little bit harder? We are currently approaching the end of a very long and difficult term and the teachers at KISU would have every right to say we are exhausted and start to slow down as the end of term approaches. However, their quality is really coming to the fore. We now have sports activities every day of the week, all our Primary classes have social get togethers, outdoor education trips are taking place, themed weeks are happening, House competitions..... the list goes on. A number of parents have asked "How can we show our appreciation?" This might sound a little corny but a simple 'thank you' goes an incredibly long way. So here is my THANK YOU to all those teachers who are really giving that little bit extra at the end of this very long term.

Welcome back

We welcome back Ms. Dima following her maternity leave and we are excited that she will be joining KG2 once again following on from Ms. Eva’s fantastic Early Year's input. Ms. Eva has been a fabulous teacher and has worked incredibly hard for the benefit of all - our youngest KISU students, their families and the staff. Thank you Ms. Eva for everything you have done, you are very much appreciated and we are all very grateful for your efforts.


You will have read in the newspapers that the re-opening of schools will take place in January. No official announcement has yet been made but we are planning for a full re-opening on the 3rd January. Once the official announcement has been made we will share with you details of things like the opening times of the uniform shop etc.

Primary Award winners

Our High-flyers in Primary this week who were recognized by their teachers for Risk Taking are:

Y6 The Whole Class

Y5 Samwiri Karugire and Nandi Okelo

Y4 Alvin Ssubi and Toby Eden Wise

Y3 Dima Ahmad

Y2 Isaac Segawa and Isaiah Mwesigye

Y1 Naava Kendra Nanziri and Vivaan Modi

Reception Thalia Zwaytiny

KG3 Diang Gai

KG2 Hamid Hirji, Alim Hirji, Ishan Hirji

Primary Musician of the Week: We have 2 winners this week, Aniwin and Charles Abiwin for performing together and performing a beautiful duet of the Christmas song 'UP ON THE HOUSETOP' to the rest of the class with great confidence. They were able to sing in tune, add appropriate actions and entertained the class with their amazing performance.

Primary French Speaker of the week: Anjolaoluwa Adedeji, for outstanding commitment towards his learning and active participation in class.

Primary Artist/Design Technician of the week is Yonathan Yonas for always working so hard on every task. His story map made me smile and I can’t wait to see the pop-up book that he will make from this planning.

Next week look out for our most Critical Thinking students of the week. Students, if you would like it to be you, then get your thinking caps on!

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Primary Maths Week

Maths Week Assembly

Year 1 – Stories with Repeating Refrain

To start our Unit, we spent some time listening to and reading read a range of texts with a repeating refrain, e.g. Henny Penny; The Gruffalo, Dear Zoo, We are Going on a Bear Hunt, Monkey and Me and Brown Bear, Brown Bear What do you See?

Once we understood the repeating refrain concept, we decided to write our own Part 2 to our Key Text Harvey Slumfenburger’s Christmas Present. We came up with a new title “Father Christmas’ Journey Back Home”.

First we made a story plan for Father Christmas’ Journey.

Then we made books to write the story in.

We followed our plan and wrote our stories using repeating patterns in each story event.

After that we published our stories by designing a cover page, including page numbers, author and blurb.

We practiced presenting our stories, by making sure we could read them confidently and fluently while using varied intonation.

Finally we presented our stories to an audience.

We had so much FUN!

Here are some excerpts from some of our stories…

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News from Y5

5AH enjoyed taking on challenges during the KISU maths week this week, including making posters with "Earth-Saving" math's facts and riddles. Beyond the theme week, we have been wrapping up our Mesoamerican Mayhem unit by making maps and crafts to showcase our learning and writing historical recount journals to combine a term worth of Topic learning with our writing work in English. Students were transported back to ancient Maya or Aztec times and wrote a journal about what their day in history was like. In the final two weeks of the term, we look forward to consolidating our learning and preparing for a return to in-person school!
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Year 10 Outdoor Education

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Year 9 Poetry

Y9 have worked in groups this week to create poems that challenge issues they feel students are facing globally. Four groups produced four poems on the lack of education limiting children’s opportunities, climate change, gender equality and mental health. This is part of our unit on ‘Poems and Lyrics that challenge the status quo’.

Opportunities are going (Prisha, Eynaas, Pragya, Kaze, Daniella and Pricilla)

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I am the earth (Ziyu, David, Andrianina and Aaron)

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Why do we lack? (Tanush, Rishabh, Mohamed, Issac M. and Isaac L)

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Low (Lucky, Karabo, Leesean, Belinda, Joshua, Joshua, Emilie, Lili)

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Stars of Secondary Maths Week

The following are the students who have been identified as the top achievers for Secondary Maths week.

Key stage 3:

Francessa Wijaya (Year 7), Caroline Kembabazi (Year 7), Bailey Peters (Year 7),

Ismail Eryilmaz (Year 8) and Emilie Sumbu (Year 9)

Key stage 4:

Joshua Tchekeu Ngueto (Year 11)


Treasure Muhwezi (DP 2)

These selections are based on the student's consistency and ability to use Maths to determine the harmful effects of human activities on the environment.

Secondary Merit Winners

This week the most merits were awarded to:

Year 7 Charles and Francessa

Year 8 Ismail

Year 9 Karabo

Year 10 All of the students who were so fantastic on Outdoor Ed!

Year 11 Milton and Yolann

DP1 Joan, Kagale and Zawadi

DP2 Lucy and Selena

The highest number of merits this week were awarded to Charles, Francessa and Karabo.