Week 3

HOST training video 5: How not to burn out

How not to burn out as a host

Hi small group hosts!

If you are doing everything for your group: hosting in your home, providing snacks, asking the ice breaker question, facilitating discussion, leading prayer, emailing them each week, etc. then STOP! If you keep doing that each week, you are going to eventually burn out and, more importantly, you are taking away the opportunity for your group members to grow in their spiritual gifts.

The topic I want to highlight this week (in the video above) is the importance of shared leadership. A healthy small group is like a healthy family. In an unhealthy family one person does all the work. In a healthy family, everyone pitches in and helps. Small groups are the same way.

If you missed the first week's email with all the resources and training, you can read it here.

Group photo:

I'm in need of a good picture to use in Vineyard 201 for the session I teach on small groups. The picture should be of a small group meeting (between 5 and 15ish people) in some semblance of a circle (facing one another). Ideally it should look like they're talking, laughing, and having fun (not too serious). You can email me your picture for consideration at (or just reply to this email.)

Make sure to put this on your calendar:

On Friday, March 10, 7-9pm, we will be having our Fountain City Music - Night of Worship at Vineyard Church. Join us as we celebrate the completion of our "Satisfied?" series with a Night of Worship featuring songs from our newest CD "We Are The Risen"! Prayer teams will be available. Admission is free. No child care will be provided since this event is for the whole family.

Have a great week!


Roger Sodsod

Executive Pastor of Adult Ministries

Vineyard Church - KC North