To Share or Not to Share

That is the first question

Origami Owl Photos

Hello Ladies! I hope ya'll are having a wonderful weekend and many planning or having their launch parties soon so we have all kinds of excitement brewing!!

With many new designers added over the past few weeks I thought this would be a good time to go over Origami Owl photo etiquette. There are tons and tons of pictures flying over the internet if you search origami owl, facebook, pinterest, instagram, twitter and anything else that is social media. Many many of our own designers are actually professional photographers as well OR have hired a photographer to create a look book specifically for lockets they have made and share images online. While I totally do not recommend the latter half of the sentence, they have paid quite a bit for those services. With the photos within Team Swift, the back office and what Michele has already compiled in Dropbox, you have more than enough images and throughout your team to make a look book or provide awesome examples to your customers.

What you need to remember and also ask yourself

These photos are like wikipedia. Don't believe what people write there because it may not be true!

  • Some photos are outdated, some have been cropped and then copied by many designers and this is a big NO NO! Why? It's ILLEGAL!
  • Photos carried retired items and we do not want to promote that because then people want the items we no longer have to give to them so always look with a microscope.
  1. If you are not sure about the picture, don't use it! What happens is many times people will unknowingly share a photo that has already been edited and then the domino effect occurs. These are some talented people who have watermarked photos and we need to give them credit they have earned. I do use watermarked photos on my fan page INTACT and also give reference to the author themselves.
  2. Do not edit any yourself unless you have written permission from the author.
  • Designers get a little too excited and take shots of photos mixed with other jewelry, like on the flat oval link chain, they may put some Origami Owl dangles and then put a charm or "dangle" from another company too. Well, if the customer chooses to mix her jewelry that is fine, however we as designers do not promote that before purchasing, whatever they do after the initial purchase is their choice.
  1. Why is that an issue? It takes sales away from you and MOST IMPORTANTLY, it voids the warranty!
  • I have encountered many requests throughout the year, some don't like the floating look and what can we do to help that. Well, the concept is the floating look, they can add a plate or two to make it more snug or here comes the micro dots discussion. While I can suggest this and I have, "removable micro dots to keep the plates from turning or charms in place are used and can be purchased at craft stores, use of these WILL VOID YOUR WARRANTY."
  • Photos in lockets: This is a NO NO that we cannot promote because anything other than charms or plates, what the company intended the locket for VOID THE WARRANTY.
  • Ashes in locket: Yes ashes have come up because this is more than jewelry its a very unique sentimental piece that many create a remembrance locket. We cannot place ashes inside ourselves as designers but speaking to the funeral home or a special jewelry designer, maybe they could look into sealing it shut permanently but we cannot assist with this.

How do these look?

When in doubt, find a sparkler! Ask your mentor or someone on your team.