Forest Adventure

By: Drew Schomas

One day a boy named Sam and a boy named Quin decided to venture into the woods. While they walked, they pretended to hear wolf howls and bear roars to scare each other. Then Sam, not watching where he was going, tumbled down a hill. Soon Later Quin arrived at the bottom the hill next to Sam. The boys then noticed a nearby cave and foolishly went to go take a look. Once the boys reached the entrance of the cave, Quin shouted,"Echooo!" The boys laughing at the echo, heard a different sound. "Shriek, Shriek!" Just then hundreds of bats flew at them and out of the cave, causing Quin to run away screaming and Sam to slip and fall down to the bottom of the cave.

After 15 minutes of Sam yelling, "Come over and help me Quin you big baby the bats are gone!" Quin got annoyed enough to come over and try to help. As soon as Quin saw where Sam was he saw two big red eyes near Sam. Then running away screaming Quin said, "I'm not going down there with that beast!" Sam, confused, turned around and saw the eyes and slowly crawled backwards. The wolf beast leaned over and said, "Do not choose friends that leave you at the moment of danger."

The theme in Forest Adventure is choose good friends that will stay with you.
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