Saranac High School Counseling News

July/August 2022

Counselor Summer Hours

We are in and out of the office throughout the summer. When we are in the building you can reach us from 9am-2:30pm. At this time there will be no counselor in the building the week of July 4th-8th and August 5th-23rd. If there is an emergency during that time please reach out to Mrs. Venne at 565-5810.

Summer School

Summer school will run July 11th-28th; Monday through Thursday. Students that qualify for summer school will be notified as soon as possible via email. Any family we do not hear back from we will contact directly by phone.

NYS Regents Appeals

We will be filing appeals for students who have passed the overall course but scored between a 50%-64% on the regents exam. If your received an email from us June 27th then the appeal process will be started on your students behalf. If you disagree with the appeal please let your individual counselor know and we will add your students name to the August regents retake list. If the appeal DOES NOT go through we will contact you. If it does go through you will not hear from us. Read state directives below at your convenience.

School Counselors

Mrs. Rosenbaum (A-K) 518-565-5733

Mrs. Sproule (L-Z) 518-565-5736

Senior Information

Senior packets will be mailed home by the end of this week and will include items such as a final transcript and diploma.

Senior Transcripts for Colleges

Mrs. Sproule and Mrs. Rosenbaum will be uploading completed senior transcripts by Thursday, June 30th. If a student has changed their mind on the school they will be attending please contact us immediately so we can be sure to forward the transcript to the correct college.

CAP Transcripts

Seniors that took CAP courses MUST request their transcript from Clinton Community College and then send it to the college they are attending. We are not able to do this. Please utilize the link below for more information.