Savannah Capra


Table of Contents


Chapter 1: food health

Chapter 2 :what to feed the horse

Chapter 3 :how could a horse get sick

Chapter 4 ; safety

Chapter 5 ; how to use whips

Chapter 6 ; careing

food health

food health is about if a horse has diabetes.but this is how you would feed it. you would feed hay because its low in you would soak the hay in water so it would be easy to eat then. when your done soaking the hay. then take the hay you soaked then give it to the horse.

what to feed the horse

so have you ever wander what a horse eats. well ill tell you what you eat. well he some healthy food that they can eat apples carrots mints candy canes hay thats some of the food that it can eat. so heres a fun fact a horse can eat a apple in 5 or 2 bites

how could a horse get sick

well a horse can get sick if a horse. If you don't feed it or if it gets to fat it can get diabetes