Counselor's Corner

March 2014

What is Happening in the World of Counseling This Month?

Beautification Day - Painting Project

Saturday, April 5th, 8am-12pm

19702 W Lake Houston Pkwy

Humble, TX

Calling all parents who want to help paint the two wooden picnic tables in the peace garden atrium! Paint and supplies have been purchased!

Awesome Teachers!

Why Try in Life?

The Why Try guidance curriculum is based on three principals: opportunity, freedom, and self-respect. This fabulous program helps students to answer the question, "Why try in life?"

All teachers help to reinforce the Why Try guidance curriculum by using specific vocabulary from the units. In addition to this expected practice on our campus, these wonderful teachers volunteered to conduct Why Try lessons in their classrooms on an ongoing basis in order to reinforce the concepts taught to all students within my guidance lessons:

  • Tara Broussard (1st)
  • Stephanie Dye (3rd)
  • Jennifer Wanka (5th)

Data will be collected to review the impact of this program. This initiative with the teachers was made possible by a grant awarded to me in May 2013 from The Humble ISD Education Foundation!

The Tech-Savvy Counselor

Humble ISD Education Foundation Wish List Project:

I absolutely love being the counselor of over 650 students! This innovative project takes you past the traditional role of a guidance counselor, into the world of a TECH-SAVVY counselor who incorporates dynamic technology applications into her strong comprehensive data-driven school counseling program! This multifaceted idea tackles the critical needs concerning decreasing disruptive behaviors, increasing individual academic achievement, teaching appropriate social skills, and fostering parent and community partnerships. Rather than posing the question, "What do school counselors do?” one must delve deeper and ponder the question "How are students different as a result of what school counselors do?"

Accountability, iPad, and Apps oh my! This program calling for a TECH-SAVVY approach to counseling focuses on purchasing an iPad Mini, Apps for the iPad, and an online accountability tool. The iPad Mini will be for student use within individual and small group counseling sessions. Dynamic presentation programs will be purchased in order to create videos of Counselor Chat parent topics for all to access.

Through the use of multiple technology resources such as: the iPad Mini and apps; online accountability, file sharing, and communication programs, innovative TECH-SAVVY applications will be infused within a comprehensive data-driven counseling program to better serve our students. The addition of an online accountability tool, “School Counselor Central”, will showcase how the school counseling program is integral to the school system.

March Guidance Topics

Why Try Curriculum:

  • Making Healthy Choices
  • Recognizing emotions and taking responsibility for behavior
  • Academic Potential


No Place for Hate® Crew

A group of Panther P.A.L.s were randomly selected to participate in this special committee! The No Place for Hate® Crew meets often during their fourth grade lunch time to plan activities for our campus.

This wonderful group of students also performed skits that were played each morning on our PFE News in January!

The students will continue to meet and plan additional activities to help highlight respectful behaviors towards others. We hope to once again have the honor of being named a No Place for Hate® school.

Current Project: Creating an Infomercial on Diversity! This infomercial will be played for all students during the morning announcements in the beginning of April. This awesome group of students has been busy writing the script for the commercial AND singing their beautiful diversity song sung to the tune of "Let it Go"! :)

Parenting Corner

Love and Logic Parenting Tip

There are few things that tear at our hearts more than hearing our kids say, "I'm dumb."

At first glance the following parent seems to be right on track:

No you are not dumb. Honey, think of all of the things you are good at. How about reading? You're good at that! And, remember how much you improved in baseball last summer. dumb kids don't learn how to hit curve balls like you did. And your art is wonderful. If you were dumb, would you have been able to learn how to create those drawings with such wonderful three-dimensional perspectives? I don’t think so.

At second glance, we realize that this well-meaning parent is actually lending credibility to their child's "I’m dumb" remark… by spending so much time and energy addressing it.

Consider employing a much simpler approach… one that avoids unintentionally reinforcing your child's self-deprecating remarks:

Honey, aren't you glad I don't believe that?

"The most effective parents, smile, pat their child on the back, and give this sweet and simple response.”

Dr. Charles Fay—Love and Logic

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