Yosemite National Park

California.The United States of America

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Yosemite national park(3000 square kilometers)North California.Glaciers (not people) began to form Yosemite Valley and its canyons a million years ago.Nowadays this land attracts about 3, 5 million people annually.This great protected object of nature is famous for lots of unforgettable landscapes: 2600 clearest rivers and streams, amazing rocks, unique 3 groves of giant sequoia-trees.Tourists can find lots of picturesque waterfalls .The tallest one is Yosemite Falls. (Its height is 739 meters.)Rock climbers are fond of attacking El Capitan Rock (2307m) with its “fire” Horsetail Fall on the eastern side.
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Interesting facts

The Valley was named after the previous livers of these places, Indians of the tribe Ahwahnee.Their neighbors called them “yohhe’meti” .That name was ”They are killers”.

In 1969 sequoia Wawona fell down because of snow accumulated on its top and the tunnel made between its roots. The huge tree 71,3m high was 2100 years old.

The decision of creating National wilderness area in Yosemite Valley and Mariposas Grove was written by Abraham Lincoln in 1864.In fact Yosemite Park became the first protected wild area. California got “Yosemite Grant”. In 1890 The US Congress gave Yosemite Park a status “National”.

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