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Henry Ford

Early life

Henry Ford was born in Dearborn, Michigan on a little farm. His father, William Ford, was Irish and came to America. His mother was Mary Ford. He followed his father on the farm and helped with the animals.

Learned many things

Henry learned a lot from school like "Don't play with bad boys." He started school on January 2, 1871. He like to play tricks on his sisters and brothers.

Growing up

Henry experiments with steam. once he played a tick on his sister Margaret . he started making cars like the model t. He married Clara Bryant in 1888. He started The Ford motor company in 1903. The first Model T cost only $850.00 to make. That made it popular.


Henry Ford died doing what he loved making cars.Henry died on April 7,1947.

What I learned

I learned that Henry made the first mass produced car in America. I also learned not play with bad boys or girls.