Marcus Mosiah Garvey

By: Vashti Sooknanan

Facts about Garvey's life

Marcus Mosiah Garvey was born August 17,1887 in Saint Ann's Bay, Jamaica.

He died on June 10,1940 in London, England.

In 1914 he created the UNIA ( Universal Negro Improvement Association)

In 1918 he published the Negro World to publicize his views.

In 1920 the first major conference for the UNIA was held.

Established a fleet of ships called the Black Star Line to help African Americans travel to Africa.

In 1923 he was arrested for mailing fraudulent advertisements for the Black Star Line.

Imprisoned in 1925.

In 1927 he was deported back to Africa.

Harlem Renaissance

During the Harlem Renaissance Garvey "launched the first mass movement of African Americans in the United States that was based on racial pride, self help, and separation."

He created the a branch of the U.N.I.A. in the us and created the newspaper "Negro World" that sent the message of racial pride to African Americans.

The Universal Negro Improvement Association

Created in Jamaica in the year 1914. The UNIA's goals were to develop racial pride among all people of African descent, improve black self-worth, create educational opportunities, and encourage recognition of Africa as the homeland for all black people. Garvey's rallying call for the UNIA was, "Up, you mighty race, you can accomplish what you will!" After Garvey immigrated to the United States in 1915, he created a branch of UNIA in 1917 at Liberty Hall in Harlem. In 1920 the UNIA's first major conference was held. During this conference the Declaration of the Rights of the Negro Peoples of the World was adopted.

This changed group ideals to those of black nationalism. To help the UNIA with its "Back to Africa" Program, Garvey established the Black Star Line of ships to enable black people to travel to Africa. In 1925 Garvey was imprisoned and the UNIA was left to Amy Jacques Garvey.

How has he affected the world?

Garvey has encouraged black racial pride. He helped people believe that they could get their rights.

What would the world be like without him?

Without Garvey people might have not believed that they could get their rights and might have never learn to put themselves first.

How has this person affected me?

This person has affected me because he showed me that anyone can help change the world.

Marcus Gravey - The History of The U N I A FULL)

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