Fifth Grade Blazers

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Important Dates:

Monday November 5: No School-Teacher Work Day

Tuesday November 6 : No School-Election Day

Wednesday November 7: Conferences -School Opens 4 hours late

Thursday November 8: Conferences-School Opens 4 hours late

Friday November 9: Conferences- School dismisses 3.5 hours early

Wednesday November 21: Two hour early dismissal for students

Thursday and Friday November 22-23: School Closed-Thanksgiving Break


The fifth grade students have been diligently working hard as mathematicians as they complete the second unit in Math. In this unit, students have been learning how to denote powers of 10 and use symbols to compare two powers of 10 expressed exponentially. They have read and compared decimals to the thousandths using base ten numerals, number names, and expanded form. In addition, students have been comparing decimals using rounding strategies and symbols such as greater than, less than, and have demonstrated mastery of adding and subtracting decimals to the hundredths while applying these concepts to real world context. Finally, students were challenged with evaluating numerical expressions using symbols such as parentheses. Ask your child to share these concepts.

We are moving into adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators. Check out the following links to help your child at home.


Reading! Reading! Reading! Our fifth graders are amazing readers! We are just finishing up a short literature unit. Fifth grade has been working on the story elements of: characters, settings, conflicts, resolutions, and themes! We have been practicing to stop and take notice of these in order to take organized notes. These skills will guide us into reading novels and having discussion rounds about our stories, in order for us to write about what we are reading!

November finds us starting novels. Our kids will be reading a variety of literary texts with twisting plots and evolving characters. They will learn to identify how the actions of the characters and different settings affect the theme(s) of the story. There will be a culminating activity that will allow them to demonstrate their understanding of the text.


At the beginning of the year, our fifth graders began blazing the trail for the Kindergarteners of Butterfly Ridge Elementary. They showed leadership and teamwork as they became photographers and experts of our beautiful new school. They had the opportunity to become the teacher as they constructed and shared an informational google slideshow to inform the kindergarteners of all the important people and places of BRES.

The fifth graders are becoming narrative writers as they continue to take a small moment from their lives and make it into an epic story with dynamic characters, dialogue that reveals character thoughts and emotion, a strong situation and how the problem is then solved. They are learning to show rather than just tell about the main events. A story can be looked at differently depending on the theme the writer wants to bring out. We are continuing to grow as writers of narratives.

Science and Social Studies

During our science unit, Earth’s Systems, children thought about Frederick County and how they personally impact the environment. After all, our beautiful new school was built in a cornfield! Students constructed graphs showing the amount of fresh and saltwater on Earth as well as the amount of water compared to land. Students were introduced to Earth’s major systems; Geosphere, Hydrosphere, Atmosphere and Biosphere and toured the schoolyard to observe natural and manmade objects. They created a graphic organizer to showcase their understanding of Earth’s systems. Students considered how humans negatively impact Earth’s systems and possible solutions. Continue to promote using the BRES water bottles to minimize the amount of plastic that ends up in our oceans. At home, keep the discussion going on about what we can do as individuals and communities to protect the Earth’s resources and environment!

As we come to the end of the quarter, fifth grade will be exploring America’s Beginnings. During the unit, we will learn about the following enduring understandings:

  • Geography influences the movement and interaction of different cultural groups.

  • The natural resources of a region affect the types of food, clothing, shelter, transportation, and tools that people create.

  • Advances in technology helped make exploration possible.

  • European countries had many reasons to send explorers to new lands.

  • Explorers changed Europeans views of the world.

  • The Age of Exploration had positive and negative effects on Europeans and on native peoples.

  • Exploration has had a profound effect on world history.

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