Early Ojibwe

Winter-BIboon By:Isabel

Winter Survival

During the winter the Ojibwe go to secluded camps in the woods.They where spreed out and secluded because there wasn't a lot of food. the men and boys hunted game like moose,deer,and elk.The men could stay out hunting for days.When the men and boys came back with more meat than they could eat right away the women cut it and dried it over the fire to eat later.While the men where out hunting and doing their jobs the women and girls had to cook all the meals and they also made clothes.Older women wove fishing nets and hunting bags.They also helped with the cooking and took care of the children.

Children in the winter

The children helped out and worked but when they where done they had fun.The children used toboggans and tree bark to slide down snowy hills.Sometimes the children put snow shoes on and had competitions racing each other in the woods.They also played a game called snow-snake that you slide polls across the snow to see who got the farthest.In the evening the children listened to stories their elders had to tell.