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Family Newsletter April 23-27

Camp Grady Spruce

Seguin 5th graders are heading to Camp Grady Spruce on Tuesday the 24th and are headed back on Friday the 27th. Please make sure you have all required paperwork turned in for your students. Have your student at school on time on Tuesday. They will return to Seguin on Friday between 1:00-2:00. This is going to be a fun experience for everyone!

Roo Fest

Some of our Seguin students will have the privilege of participating in Roo Fest this coming Friday the 27th. It is a special honor and we are so excited for them. We know that they will do a great job and give it all they've got!

Peanut Butter & Jelly Drive

Seguin along with WISD is having a Food Drive for Peanut Butter and Jelly. We will be collecting through the month of April and donating it to the Senior Center of Weatherford and Center of Hope/Camp Hope. ANY and ALL donations will be greatly appreciated! Grade level with the most donations will receive a popcorn party!!!!

Box Tops

Please keep continuing to collect Box Tops. We appreciate your support through Box Tops! Be sure to put them in a baggie with the student's name and their teacher's name. Thank you for your help!

Arrival Time!

Student arrival time is 7:50! This time is the time that students need to be in class. The first bell rings at 7:40. Please make sure that your student is arriving in time to eat breakfast if needed and travel to class by 7:50. Students are counted tardy if they are not in class by 7:50.

Safety Drills For April

This month, we will be practicing two safety drills. We will practice how to evacuate the building in case of fire, and a shelter drill to practice for in the event of a tornado. These drills help us teach students the processes needed to be successful during a possible emergency and ensure that we are prepared in case of an emergency.

A Dollop of Dyslexia

Expect less written work

A person with dyslexia may be verbally bright but struggle to put ideas into writing.

Allow more time for reading, listening and understanding.

Prepare a printout of homework and stick it in their book

Provide numbered steps, e.g. 1. Do this. 2. Do that etc.


Parents, Guardians, & Family Members-

Please consider clicking on the link provided below and join our Seguin's Family Communication Remind 101 class. We are excited to announce that we will use this app to communicate with you. This app is also available in Spanish. We will use this to deliver emergency information, inclement weather, and campus information. Please let us know if you have any questions!

Link to Seguin Family Remind 101 - Click Here

End of Day Dismissal Update

To better dismiss our students in a safe and organized manner, please do not ask for students to be dismissed between 3:00 and 3:20.

To ensure that all students arrive home safely, please call the office before 2:30 to make changes to transportation at dismissal.

Free and Reduced Lunch

Please take the time to fill out the free and reduced meal application. Whether you qualify or not, filing out this application will help the success of our students through federal programs.

Please follow the link below:

After School Traffic Patterns

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to improve our drop off and pick up traffic patterns. In order to keep our students safe, we have adjusted the traffic pattern entering from 8th Street. The entrance from 8th street will allow families to park in the parking lot, walk down to the student area, and pick up or drop off students. The parking lot exit is now a right turn only onto Duke street. No left hand turns into the drive through lanes will be allowed from the parking lot area. Families using the drive through lanes will need to enter from Duke street.

Attendance Policy


Every minute Counts!

· School Starts at 7:40am and the final bell rings at 7:50am.

· Your student’s attendance directly affects their success and we want them to SUCCEED!

· 3 Parent Notes for excused absences will be accepted for each student per year.

· If your student has 10+ unexcused absences in a 6 month period, your case will be referred to attendance court.

· If your student has 18+ total absences, excused or unexcused, the attendance committee will review absences and create a program for credit recovery in order to prevent retention.

Seguin PTA

Join PTA

Please show your support and join PTA. A Membership gives you a VOICE! No volunteering necessary and a free meal at our annual dinner in January.
The first classroom to have 100% representation for every student will receive a free spirit stick!