Alcea rosea

Also known as Hollyhocks

Learn about the parts and function of Hollyhock flowers!!!

1. The roots Absorb water for the flowers to drink to stay alive

2. The stem holds the flower up so it will not lay on the ground

3. The true leaves are the leaves after seed leaves

4. The seed leaf is the very first leaf on a plant

5. The petals are the part of the flower that blooms

6. The stamen is the part of the petal that contains pollen

7. The pistil is the reproductive part of the flower

Life cycle of a plant

In the life cycle of a plant it starts out as a seed. Next comes germination that is when the plant starts to sprout under the soil. Next it starts to sprout into a mature plant. Next is reproduction that is when the plant drops seeds and they start the cycle all over again with a new plant. Last is death that is when the plant dies.

Stages of a plant


What is photosynthesis?

Photosynthesis is when the plant collects sun and uses it as food. It collects sun from it's leaves. Did you know that photo means light and synthesis means mixing?

Hollyhock facts

There are four different hollyhock colors they are red,white,pink and yellow. Hollyhocks can grow to be 80 inches tall. Hollyhocks need full sun light. Hollyhocks can be grown inside or outside. Alcea rose a is the scinentifect name for hollyhocks.