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Let me share a quick example of what I'd like to be for you.

I recently listed and sold a residential condo. My previous tenants left without notice, leaving behind junk. Here is what my realtor said to me:

"I've got a guy that can remove this junk and clean this within a day."

"I have a window guy that I've worked with for years that can replace these windows within a week."

"I know a cheap painter that can do touch up work on the walls for you."

"I've got a carpet guy that can remove, deliver, and install at a reasonable price."

Think of the value my realtor added, aside from simply listing my property. She is now my realtor for life. Let me help you establish additional value to your clients.... and pay you for doing so.

Let me be your commercial real estate guy.

Jon Kleven

Monarch Commercial Capital

Funding Manager

Commercial Real Estate Financing

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Here's What I Can Offer to You

OPTIONS: I work with lenders nationwide, providing options to your clients.

EXPERIENCE: I've been an underwriter in commercial real estate for 8+ years.

SPEED: I can tell you quickly whether or not the loan request is possible.

COMPENSATION: I can pay you a referral fee.

MAINTAIN CONTROL: I will take the lead from start to finish or let you take the lead with your client.

TRUST: Lendio has an outstanding reputation. We recently partnered with large companies such as Staples. Look us up online.