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Michael Wittmann

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Early life

On February 1st of 1934, Wittmann joined Reichsarbeitdienst – RAD (The German Labour Corps) and served for six months, until July.On October 30th of 1934, he enlisted in Germany Army’s 19th Infantry Regiment as a Private (for two years). Wittmann left the service on September 30th of 1936, as a Junior Non-Commissioned Officer – Unteroffizier. Shortly after, on April 5th of 1937, Michael Wittmann joined No.1 Sturm of 92nd Standarte of the elite Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler. Michael Wittman was born on April 22,1914 in Vogelthal near Oberpfalz, in the Hight Palatinat. He was a son of a local farmer – Johann Wittmann.

Combat life

Michael Wittman is regarded as the best tank ace of WW2. His first tank was the Sturmgeschutz Ausf A. He then used the Panzer III Ausf L/M in command of tiger company. He was then equipped with the famous "Tiger" tank.

Final days

During July of 1944, Wittmann fought near Caen area until August. At the time Wittmann got a new Tiger #007. In the beginning of August, Wittmann along with sSSPzAbt 101 was transferred to Cintheaux area. At the time Germans tried to recapture Caen which was completely destroyed by ongoing fighting. On August 8th of 1944, a new battle began near Cintheaux. It was Wittmann’s final battle. At 12:55amTiger #213 which was positioned in the same field at the rear, right of Wittmann’s Tiger) in a field near the road to Caen-Cintheaux, at Gaumesnil, Wittmann’s Tiger was destroyed and its entire crew killed. After fighting the remains of Wittmann and his crew were buried beside what was left of their Tiger, without any markings.
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